Angel and Devil are two bear characters made by Purplecupcake1345.

Angel and Devil2

Angel and Devil


Angel is a dark gray bear, with red ears, eyes, and also a deep, red nose. Her blood is black, turning all her insides into gray tones.

Devil, on the other hand, is a bluish-white bear with blue ears, eyes and also a dark, blue nose. Like her sister, her blood isn't red but blue. Turning her insides into blue tones.


Angel appears to be sweet on the outside but in reality, she is a murderous demon-tree friend hybrid, the only person she would never kill is her sister, who she loves very dearly.

Devil is the polar opposite of Angel, she is is sweet and wouldn't hurt a fly if she had to, she is also slightly shy, however, when comfortable with someone, she is shown to be wise, and slightly sassy.


  • Angel can shapeshift her arms into blunt weapons.
  • Their parents were: A bear and a demon.
  • In RP, Angel is in a relationship with Reapy.
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