Angie/Quartz is a fanon coupling, which involved a clumsy porcupine Quartz and a shy bunny Angie. They are already confirmed to be a couple since BlueTide's 2016 comic, Zorf's Story, and begins to have fanarts of them together. The creator also said that Angie and Quartz are "already old canon coupling before" and want people to not ship Angie nor Quartz with other characters besides each others.


  • Quartz has love in first sight with Angie before and they both are a perfect match.
  • Quartz did help Angie through with her curse several times and after saving her from drowning, he is now immune towards her curse[1].
  • They both started dating after the event of the episode[2].
  • While Angie is very shy and don't want to hurt anyone, Quartz tries to be gentle and close with her, and it worked. She also grows interested on him.
  • Quartz always protecting Angie from any dangers and going to cheer her up whenever she is crying and sad.
  • Quartz's sister, Irin, also approves them to be a great couple. you can't blame on her as she is his older sister and likes seeing the couple together.


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