Applechip is a fan character of Happy Tree Friends. She is not Timid's next door neighbor, but she does live in the house behind the one owned by Timid and his family.

Character Bio

Applechip grew up an a farm outside of Happy Tree Land. On this farm, she would help her parents grow produce for the town, her favorite being the apples. It wasn't long before she was experimenting with baking with apples. This paved the way for her baking skills, which she used for family parties and other occasions too.

When it was time to leave home, Applechip decided to live in Happy Tree Town despite being a farm girl, as she is always willing to try new things. In Happy Tree Town, she met a green squirrel named Derek. The first thing she noticed about Derek was that he was fascinated with the olden days. Applechip is quite fond of the olden days as well, but she still appreciates modern luxuries. So she decided she'd try and show him the ways of modern times, while still letting him indulge in his olden interests.

Derek slowly caught on, and soon friendship turned into something else. Applechip eventually married Derek and they moved into a nice little house, behind which she grew an apple tree. She took such good care of it that it grew to be ginormous in only a short time. This apple tree is her most prized possession and she jokingly refers to it as her and Derek's daughter.

Eventually, a rather shy, but very nice chinchilla named Timid and his large family moved into the house in front of them. They hit it off, and are very good friends. Applechip even lends Giggles' Mom some apples from her prized apple tree to make apple pie.


Applechip is a very optomistic and chipper young woman who always looks on the bright side. She is also very generous and will let anyone have some apples from her prized apple tree, really. But she can also be very impatient at times as she will snap at others easily, and sometimes constantly checks on her baked goods within minutes of putting them in the oven. But nonetheless, Applechip tries to maintain a cool head and stay even handed and unbiased when discussing subjects.




  • Applechip is a character given to User:Toothy-And-Timid by User:Lord O' Darkness.
  • She can bake other things too, but her specialty is apple themed pastries.
  • Her best apple pastry is her gooey chocolate chip apple cupcakes. These are favorites of many, especially Derek and Timid.


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