Aries, Josie, Rosie, and Dunkin are quartet characters.
Aries, Josie, Rosie, Dunkin
Aries, Josie, Rosie, and Dunkin
Gender: Male ( Aries and Dunkin) Female

(Josie and Rosie)

Interest(s): Aries; Being lazy

Josie: Purring, being carefree Rosie; Being a pussy Dunkin: Eating, stealing food

Species: Cats
Color: Black, tan, brown, and white
Relatives: Each other

Clesta (owner)

Age: Aries; 3

Josie: 2-3 Rosie: 1-2 Dunkin: 1

Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: TBA
Enemies/Rivals: TBA
Love Interest(s): Aries: Josie

Josie: Aries Rosie: Aries, Dunkin Dunkin: Rosie

Kill Count: {{{14}}}
Deaths: {{{15}}} {{{16}}}
First Appearance: {{{17}}}
First Victim: {{{18}}} {{{19}}}
First Death: {{{20}}}

Character Info


Aries is a maine coon cat. He is the largest, yet a scary cat. He is slightly fat and is very lazy. He loves to sleep and is the oldest of the group.


Josie is a bengal cat. She likes everyone and is very carefree. However, when she see new people around, she gets slightly scared and hisses at them. She is the second eldest of the group.


Rosie is a calico cat who is a pussy cat. She is the smallest, yet second youngest of the group. She is afraid, yet loves Aries, and has a bit of a crush on Dunkin.


Dunkin is a hyperactive black and white calico cat. He loves eating food and loves to steal food from everyone. He is the youngest of the group.


  • There based off of the creator's pet cats of the same names.
  • They all have a fear of water.
  • Dunkin is the only outdoor cat of the quartet.
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