Name Arlo
Gender Male
Interests Eating termites
Species Aardwolf
Color Grey-blue
Size Medium
Kill Count 9+
Death Count 3
First Appearance Milk Kringle
First Victim Sunset (Parasite Sized)
First Death Milk Kringle

Arlo is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Arlo is a grey-blue aardwolf with dark blue stripes, face markings, ears and limbs.

True to his species, Arlo enjoys eating termites; his prime targets being Woody, Kween and their colony. Though his appetite isn't limited to other insect characters such as the Ants.

He seldom interacts with other characters, usually hiding away from them. He is rather sneaky and clever, able to outsmart the insects who try to escape his clutches. Due to this, he rarely dies, and his few deaths almost never involve insects.







  1. Milk Kringle - Turned into a cookie by Noc Noc.
  2. Meal Before Me - Falls to his death.
  3. The Garden of Raymond - Impaled by a branch.


  1. Ant Misbehavin' - Blinded.


  • Sunset - 1 ("Parasite Sized")
  • Generic Termites - 1 ("Hungry Like the Aardwolf")
  • Woody - 1 ("Hungry Like the Aardwolf")
  • Kween - 1 ("Hungry Like the Aardwolf")
  • Ant Family - 2 ("Meal Before Me", "The Antsassin")
  • Lumber - 1 ("Tree of Strife" along with Buzz)
  • Stone - 1 ("Tree of Strife" along with Buzz)
  • Sniffles - 1 ("Ant Misbehavin")
  • Others - 1 (numerous bugs in "Ant Misbehavin")


  • He is one of LOD's display characters who was given a page and permission for use.
  • He is the first aardwolf character.
  • Formerly a tan color and resembling Chuckles, his appearance was soon changed.
  • Whenever the Ants try to torture him, he somehow ends up turning the tables and torturing them instead.
  • Adopted by TheShyK9 as of January 3rd 2019.


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