BOOK IT! is a fanon episode of HTF.

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Bastion sits in a library reading a book next to him is Mime and Timber also reading books, sitting in the corner is Flaky with a thin kids book, Sniffles sits at a table with a large math book and Giggles sits at the main desk. Suddenly Lumpy barges in talking loudly into his phone Giggles tries to shush him but he ignores her and starts looking at books and then dropping them on the floor, Giggles keeps trying to shush Lumpy while Sniffles gets annoyed and goes to leave with his book but Lumpy bumps into hm and he drops the heavy book on his foot, Sniffles yells in pain and is shushed by Lumpy who the presumes to talk on his phone, Sniffles holds his foot and falls over landing on a shredder, Sniffles trunk get caught and the shredder pulls him in, His screams of terror gain everyones attention, Bastion and Giggles rush to help Sniffles while Lumpy backs into a bookcase knocking it over and causing it to crush Mime and Flaky, bastion and Giggles turn to the fallen shelf and sniffles skin is pulled off by the shredder killing him, Giggles see this and screams in horror, then Lumpy knocks into her and sents her face first into a cup of pencils which impale her, Bastion tries to help Giggles but is to late and Giggles dies, Lumpy runs to the exit but trips over a book and falls into the auto-matic doors breaking though the glass and falling halfway between the opening, the doors malfuncions and slices Lumpy in half. Bastion sees this and tries leaving though a withdow but he only makes it half way out when the window falls and cuts him in half.


"Never judge a book by its cover"


  1. Sniffles skin is torn off
  2. Flaky and Mime are crushed
  3. Giggles is implaled in the face
  4. Lumpy and Bastion are cut in half


  • This is Bastion's debut appearance.
  • The moral is the same one from Read em' and Weep.
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