You play as Bun. You are in his house, until a cutscene shows Cryptie planning to go to the bakery to kill Bun. To interact with objects, click I on them. You move left to right with the left and right arrows to get to the bakery before Cryptie. You can die a lot. A camera at the top of the left corner shows where Cryptie is in the level. When Cryptie gets close to the bakery, frantic music will play. To heal health, you have to collect buns.


Trash Can: Slows you down.

Flippy: Murders you.

Cat: Will hurt you.

Banana peel: Some instances you can slip and crack your skull.


Bad Ending one: Cryptie gets to the bakery first and zaps you in the eye with a taser.

Bad Ending two: You can slip on a banana peel, can be killed by a cat, or can be killed by Flippy. If you die this way, an image of Cryptie holding Bun's corpse is seen.

Good Ending one: You get to the bakery first and zap Cryptie with the security system.

Tie Ending: Cryptie gets to the bakery first, but you trip and impale him with your tusks.


Freaky and Wiggles





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