Bark is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Bark is a brown-grey dog who wears a log over his body. It is unclear why he does this, though it is speculated it is due to an embarrassing birthmark or condition. His predicament proves difficult for various tasks, especially ones that require hands. He also has trouble lifting himself off the ground if he falls over, which isn't uncommon for him.

Because of his appearance, other dogs may try to pee on him. His friends are mainly birds, tree huggers or living plant creatures. However, he will stray away from woodpeckers and lumberjacks unless under certain circumstances.






  • Stacy - 1 ("Barking Up the Wrong Tree" along with Ticks)
  • Todd - 1 ("Dog with a Log")
  • Nester - 1 ("Dog with a Log" along with Todd)
  • Bagel - 1 ("Dog with a Log" along with Todd)
  • McPipes - 1 ("She's Not My Pipe")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("She's Not My Pipe")
  • Neil - 1 ("She's Not My Pipe")



  1. Barking Up the Wrong Tree - Thrown into a woodchipper.
  2. Emo G - Cut in half.
  3. Tan-Uh-Key - Beheaded.
  4. It'll Be Cat-astrophic - Impaled by numerous nails.
  5. Logged In - Has his arteries pulled out by Niya.
  6. Rushing Time - Chopped apart by Buzz. (Death not seen)
  7. Candy Giant - Shredded by the woodchopper.
  8. Decorating Kringle - Impaled with the point of a Christmas tree star.
  9. She's Not My Pipe - Killed when a spile impales his chest.
  10. Pay the Piper - Strained through holes in his log.


  1. Decorating Kringle - Lemon juice squirted in eyes.
  2. Dog with a Log - Forced through a pipe system.


  • He was one of the characters given away by User:BlueTide.
  • Originally chocolate brown with smaller pointed ears, he was later changed to brown-grey and had his ears enlarged because he looked too identical to Fatty the pitbull.
  • His name is an obvious pun on "bark"; referring both to trees and the sound made by dogs.


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