Be-Cuss I Can is a HTFF episode. This marks the first starring role of Salvia, Daphne's younger brother.
Next thing you know, he'll hit puberty.
Internet Season: 97
Episode Number: 02
Starring Roles
Featuring Roles
Double A
Lil Chew Toy
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Daphne walks with Salvia downtown. They come across Double A and Lil Chew Toy having a rap battle. Lil Chew Toy's raps consist mostly of random animal noises. However, Double A lets out several cuss words which intrigue Salvia. Daphne reacts by covering her brother's ears and rushing him home.

Once at home, Salvia gets on his computer and looks up the song he heard earlier. At the click of the mouse, he is introduced to a brand new experience. The next morning, Daphne walks in her brother's room to check on him. What she finds is Salvia dressed like a rapper. Salvia talks to her using vulgar words, not having any idea what they mean, followed by an innocent giggle. Daphne is shocked to the point of slapping him. The confused Salvia sheds a tear.

Salvia takes a walk down the street. He runs into Soffie and greets her using the same words he said to Daphne. This time, he gets a different response since Soffie doesn't understand him. Double A appears and attempts to flirt with her. Soffie simply walks away. Salvia cusses at AA, which gets him angry and leads to him chasing the little mouse-deer across town.

Zet is seen giving a ticket to Handy, who is trapped inside his tow truck due to his lack of hands. Salvia approaches the cop seeking help, but offends him with coarse language. Zet pulls out his gun, leading Salvia to run the other way. Zet kicks Handy out of his own truck which he then uses for a chase. Salvia runs past AA, who shortly gets his caught by the hook of the tow truck and dragged across the pavement. His head rolls toward The Mole just as he was replacing a flat tire.

Salvia arrives at a carnival, followed by Zet crashing through the gates, the truck's hook getting caught by a pennant banner. Salvia trips over and cowers in fear as the truck closes in. Just when Zet is inches from hitting him, however, the banner slings him into the air, where he collides with a blimp. Opening his eyes, Salvia cheers for his survival, when the hook flies into him and tears off his tongue.

At the hospital, Daphne meets up with Salvia. While concerned about his injury, she is at least relieved that he'll never be able to swear again. The intern nurse, Soffie, comes for a check-up and uses the words Salvia said to him earlier. Daphne grabs a roll of bandage tape and wraps it around Salvia's ears.


  1. Double A is shredded to death on the pavement.
  2. Zet dies when the tow truck collides with the blimp.
  3. The unseen blimp driver is also most likely killed.


  • The characters' mouths are pixelated each time they swear.