Be-leaf in Magic is a HTFF episode that marks the debut of Cascade as a nature fairy.


Cascade attempts to give herself a new pair of wings using magic. She aims her wand over her back, but a misfire causes Raymond to be hit with the spell. As a result, her eyes sprout wings and fly out of her sockets. Solaris, standing under a shade, sees this and quickly finds Cascade to be the source. She helps out the fairy with a spell of her own. In the blink of an eye, Cascade grows new wings and has also been turned into a mink. In addition to this, she has become a garden fairy with nature-themed spells, demonstrated as she revitalizes a patch of wilted flowers without the need of a wand. Thanking Solaris, she departs. Solaris picks up Cascade's discarded wand with a sinister chuckle, absorbing some of its magic in the process.

As Cascade flutters over a garden, she spots Hedge trimming his shrubs. Offering to help, she performs a spell to finish the work for him. Hedge is amazed at how his shrubs now look. He looks up at Cascade and asks if she can help him fly. At the cast of another spell, he feels a strange sensation in his back; from which two insectoid wings protrude. Hedge's new wings send him zipping through the air uncontrollably before knocking into the window of his house. He continuously bumps himself against the window as Cascade tries to undo the spell. She causes a giant Venus flytrap to emerge from the ground and it snatches up Hedge as a quick snack.

Meanwhile, Sunset looks through her spell book for a way to bring back Raymond's eyes. Solaris appears and does a favor for them both. Raymond is delighted until her eyes grow bigger, to the point of bursting like balloons, killing her and Sunset. Solaris takes Sunset's wand, and combining the collected magic, turns into a powerful being and blocks out the sun.

The plants in Hedge's garden begin wilting due to the lack of sunlight. Cascade decides to help them by flying all the way to the sun. As she gets closer, the flower on her head starts to bloom, absorbing the sunlight and in turn increasing her magic. Cascade glows more radiantly as she approaches the sun, eventually giving off a wave of energy that cancels out Solaris' dark magic; Solaris being burnt to a crisp.

Cascade returns to the ground, looking proudly at what she has done to save the garden, and the world. Unfortunately, the Venus flytrap bites off her wings, leaving her flightless once again.


  1. Hedge is eaten by a Venus flytrap.
  2. Raymond and Sunset are blown to pieces.
  3. Solaris is burnt to death.


  1. Raymond's eyes fly out of her sockets.
  2. Cascade's wings are torn off.
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