Beatrix is a light grayish blue fennec fox who is a raver. She usually attends on a nightclub and does raving in the club along with her friends. She likes hardcore parties and does hardcore challenges; such as ghost pepper challenge, cinnamon challenge, chubby bunny, and etc. Compared to other ravers, she seems an extremely hardcore raver. Beatrix doesn't even care if she get harmed by the challenges and want to win it.

As a raver, Beatrix usually wears bright colored clothing and straps neon lights around her arms to make her look even cooler, she loves to dance and drink alcoholic drinks. Sometimes, when she get totally drunk, her personality changed from optimistic and positive to pessimistic and negative. She can throwing up after drinking too much alcoholic. Beatrix is more active on nighttime than day time.

Even though she has good reputation, some rumors spreading about her being abused by her parents and sexually harassed by them, although none of the rumors proven to be true.

Personality and traits

Beatrix is shown to be positive, energetic and carefree, but also reckless and foul-mouthed. She is extremely confident to do hardcore challenges and will do anything to win it. She is also known to be simple-minded, as she don't even acknowledges that the challenges are too dangerous for her life. Whenever she gets drunk, Beatrix's personality changed drastically, though some of people think it's "normal" for them.

There are some of rumors about her that she abused and sexually harassed by her parents but none of them can be proven.

Physical appearance

Beatrix has two different colored eyes (blue-to-yellow eye for right and pink-to-blue eye for left), dark blue long pigtails hair with five colors on it (neon green, magenta fuschia, and neon yellow on the left one, while neon aqua and neon red on the right one), rainbow-ish facepaint on her cheeks, three colors (magenta fuschia, light yellow, and neon aqua) marking on her tail, and a golden fang on her teeth.

She wears short white strapless tank top with a rainbow heart printing on it along with "LOVE" words, a golden collar necklace with a ruby gem on it on around her neck, golden earrings and piercings on her ears and her tongue, rainbow pants, and two colored neon lights strapping around her arms. She usually changes her appearance every in each episodes to make her outstanding and easily noticed by people.


  • She is pansexual and supporting LGBT community.
  • She is one of raver characters on HTFF wiki.
  • She originally going to have long hair instead of pigtails, the creator changed it because the long hair is too "generic".
  • According to the creator, she loves listening to hardcore and electronica musics.
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