Beddy and Bronzey is a duo in HTFF.

Beddy and Bronzey
A tree friend who lets dead chicks f**k
him in the mouth for social commentary
Name Beddy and Bronzey
Gender Male (Beddy) Bronzey (Female)
Seal (Beddy) Beaver (Female)
Color Purple and Blue (Beddy) Bronze (Bronzey)
Relatives Unknown
Age Unknown
Size Average
Friends/Allies ?
Enemies/Rivals Almost everyone
Love Interests Each together
Kill Count 9
Death Count 4 (Beddy) 2 (Bronzey
First Victim Tide
First Death The Terrible Trailer Trio



Beddy is a purple/blue seal who wears a red hat. He is one of the most insane tree friends, as he spends most of his time with a dead tree friends, most knowably a beaver immortalized in bronze. He is also is a criminally insane serial killer, and depending how much you anger him, the faster he will try to murder you.


Bronzey is a dead beaver who has been immortalized in bronze. Being dead, she lacks a personality. She may be dead but she can still die again by having her bronze figure being destroyed either by being shattered or melted, for example.



  • Tide: 1 ("The Terrible Trailer Trio")
  • Raymond: 1 ("The Terrible Trailer Trio")
  • Nutty: 1 ("The Terrible Trailer Trio")
  • Random: 1 ("The Terrible Trailer Trio" debatable)
  • Shiny: 1 ("Hearts of Gold")
  • Jewel: 1 ("Hearts of Gold")
  • Decha: 1 ("Relic the Moment")
  • Salvia: 1 ("Relic the Moment")



  • Prior to the series: Bronzey died because of unknown reasons.
  • The Terrible Trailer Trio: Bronzey shatters, while Beddy is impaled by bed springs.
  • Parasites of a feather: Beddy slips on rocks and tumbles and falls.
  • Flesh Princess: Impaled by a syringe.
  • 100-Graveyard Smash: Beddy is crushed by Bronzey; Bronzey shatters.


  • Beddy appears to be a necrophile.
  • Bronzey was later confirmed to be undead, and move offscreen like Cro-Marmot. This was added to make her able to die like the other tree friends.
  • Beddy is similar to Shepard as their both obsessed with death, the only difference is that Beddy's death obsession is taken to the next level.
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