Big and Little Brothers is an HTF fan fiction by LMBFanDymandaFan/Dymandafan664. It is based on the Morbid 'Nick' Duck's Fire episode "Big and Little Brothers" where Louis Ederson, Bob and Zack are upside to Steve.

Starring roles

Featuring roles

  • Demonpluto X. Smither's dad


The episode starts in Demonpluto X. Smither's house. While Demonpluto X. Smither's dad is watching TV, he finds his brothers. Peppery and PJ say something to DXP's dad and he knocks Peppery's head on the spot. Meanwhile, Demonpluto X. Smither's dad is reading "The Wind in my Brain". PJ and Cuddles watch him. DXP wants to go outside and Dad accepts. Dad looks up and around, Cuddles tells the problem, Dad is annoyed by the rocket the brothers made. He then falls on it, but the rocket still succeeds in flying. Giggles is happy because she finished fixing the windows, but the rocket breaks the windows, enraging Giggles. Dad asks the three brothers what they are doing. DXP says that the rocket was a good idea, but it was not a good idea at all. Cuddles gets angry at PJ because he thinks he stole his voice. This is obviously false, so Dad gets mad at Cuddles and slaps him a few times, then the rocket explodes and everyone most likely dies while Dad laughs at their misfortune.


Don't start over with your brothers!


  • PJ, Peppery, DXP, Cuddles, and Giggles all die in the explosion.