Birdy's Flying Challenge is a minigame available in the HTFF mobile game.

How To Play

To play the game, you must have 10 tokens and then try to find Birdy flying in the sky in the background-she is found every 5 minutes. You must tap her and she will ask if you want to play. Tap "Yes" to move on, and you will no longer have the 10 tokens, and she will give you a jetpack.

If it is your first time playing, they will instruct you on how to do it. To move left, you tilt the device to the left. To move right, you tilt the device to the right. There are a total of 20 clouds, and you must burst through them to get a prize. One of the 20 clouds is a black cloud you must avoid, and it is impossible to get all 20 clouds (as some clouds appear simultaneously).

One of the clouds will contain a character (on rare occasions, there won't be one, or if you already got all the characters you win from the challenge). Other prizes are coins, tokens, EXP that can level you up, or a shop. If you hit a black cloud, you might lose coins, lose tokens (unless you have 0), lose EXP, or a character (besides Cuddles, Giggles, or Toothy) might be taken away.

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