• TombstonekidYT

    You Get the Drill: Green Porcupine Injured (Crutches) White Wolf Mermaid (Brinlee)

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  • TheGreatJustinian

    NeW aDOpTs

    September 16, 2020 by TheGreatJustinian
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  • Cocotua Cremosa

    Sup! Im hosting a redesign contest for a future character called Swirly (cake), so, lets go to the point

    I tried several times designing this ramen-themed nekomata girl and i need help-

    Contest rules: 

    ¤Must be ramen themed, oriental-like 

    ¤Must keep as a cat 

    ¤The rest, go ahead

    Prize: A free drawing from me, its something 

    Deadline: Soon aksjska

    Love ya' -♡-)/~🌸

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  • BrenHTF

    Adoptable characters

    September 15, 2020 by BrenHTF

    I created these characters along time ago when I'm young. But today, I have to give them away. Comment below of which one you wanna adopt. 

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  • ThatBlueSkunk124

    So I’ve gotten bored with Cookie’s Simple design.. And I’ve got no ideas for her redesign, so I’m hosting a contest! The winner will receive a drawing of an oc of their choice! (Ik it’s not much but hey at least I’m offering a prize)- I would like the design to match her aesthetic (Glitchcore) and I would like her fur color, fangs, and stitched on flaps/tail to stay the same... Deadline is Sunday, so please be quick~

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  • MrHTF2020

    Like any episode ideas? Anything?

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  • ShiftyKleptomaniac

    expect a lot of these from me at the moment. currently dealing with school so i don't have much time to design my OCs or draw in general anymore.

    rosie is the mother of Roger (Badger) (who, for those who may be unaware, is no owned by me) 

    basically an idea i had for roger is that in some episodes/scenarios he would live with his mom (rosie) and other times he'd live no where as usual

    rosie is a badger (of course xD) and a very sweet mother. i was thinking she would have warmer colors (shades of red, pink or orange) to contrast with roger's colder blues and greys. she's essentially the opposite of her son: kind, hard-working, selfless, and clean. although roger can be a bit of a STINKY MEANIE MAN >:CCC she cares for him a lot (and hopes that o…

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  • RalseiAnimate

    Here are the rules: make sure he keeps his species, gender and a candy cane impaled on his head. and you can give him a detailed ugly sweater and his appearence. (Its up you if you can redesign him)

    Ends on september 13

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  • MrHTF2020

    Despite anyone's doubts, it is likely that this October, the scares will begin with this year's Halloween special, which I believe will be the 8th instalment of the Specy Spooktacular series.

    What are your ideas?

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  • TheGreatJustinian

    Take what you want, idc.

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