RansidMilk123 RansidMilk123 7 days ago

lilac lavender redesign contest !!!

um yeah. i feel like she's teh exact opposite of original. so send me in ur entries and i'll decide which is best!

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Cocotua Cremosa Cocotua Cremosa 9 days ago

Object assets help?

Okay this topic is mostly main focus on bases, yet i would like to give a free store for help others with resquets and stuff

Basically i will give eventually little objects assets in binary map/MS Paint-ish, since its not a big deal you guys can resquet one custom for free use for funny pics of yall OCs eating a sándwich or something

Note: I wouldnt be doing vehicles, and if i try it would lack of detail, i cant draw cars

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A new owner of 19 islands


  • (example: Handy)
  • 1. Taisho
  • 2.
  • 3.
  • 4.
  • 5.
  • 6.
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9.
  • 10.
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MMB The Coolest MMB The Coolest 15 days ago

Commission: Your OC as a background character

I am working on an ultra secret project, but you are allowed to participate. You see, I will allow you to submit an OC for the background characters in Week 5. Here are what I am allowing:

I would like roughly 15 or so characters for this project. After these slots, I might consider some late entrants if I need more.

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Draw this in your style 1

I created a DTIYS challenge for my upcoming birthday, June 4th. Just draw this with your own swag.Here's some rules when you enter this challenge.

  • Don't make this contest to a serious competition. I'm welcome to all your drawing skills.
  • You will not trace my artwork completely.

You can upload your artwork in HTFF Discord #non_htf_artwork or the comment section here.

I'll choose the best three and If you belong to here, I'll make your oc appear (total three ocs) in my next artwork.

The deadline is on June 11th, 23:59.

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Firealarm5 Firealarm5 19 days ago

More Character Give Away (Closed)

I've decided to give away some more of my characters. Is anyone interested in having them?

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Summer.fliqpyyy Summer.fliqpyyy 20 days ago


hey ya'll what's up? c:

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Winklekinkle Winklekinkle 24 days ago

Note to Self: Episode Concepts to work on.

  • Grill or Be Grilled - A BBQ Cook-Off turns deadly when Gourmet tries to cook up the Competition
  • Mourning Routine - Even getting ready for the day is deadly with this cast of character. (Rework of scrapped Lammy episode called "Rise and Brine")
  • Sent Packaging - Box rushes to save a co-worker after a mishap at the Packaging Plant

  • Bunk in the Night - Twins and a Bunk Bed, there should be no trouble here with Buck and Chuck.
  • Snow Blown Over - Berg cleans up his yard after a snowy night, surely he'll be Left Alright.
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Winklekinkle Winklekinkle 18 May

Vote Or Die: Revival - WINNER

With 6 votes, 2 over Burnett and against Butch with only 1 and Booky with 0, THE WINNER IS BOXie. He looks very diffrent now, no longer a living jack-in-the-box but now a strange fellow who wears a box over his head. His personality is still the kind and eager to help soul but he hides his face out of fear.... after all whenever it is reveal other characters react very badly. So what even is he? Who knows, but he's a winner and the other three are D E A D~

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Winklekinkle Winklekinkle 17 May

Vote Or Die: Revival

Do people still do these? Either way, welcome to a Vote or Die that is a bit different from the usual. As I slowly work my way through all my HTF OCs I notice how many of them are one-note of used very little and have thus decided not all of them are worth keeping around. This here vote takes some of them and will be a way to determine which of this One-Note Wonders will have a second chance and who will be scrapped for good.

So here is our first four unlucky losers, a real B-Tier cast. Vote below and perhaps even argue in a comment which of these four should have new life breathed into them!

VOTE HERE since I guess community wiki's can't do polls anymore.


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