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MrHTF1999 MrHTF1999 1 day ago

Specy Spooktacular IX ideas

October is just around the corner. And that means it’s almost that time of the year again.

Here are my ideas for this year’s Halloween tales:

- A parody of Misery involving Lustly.

- A serial killer stalks the 4 HTF canon girls during a sleepover.

- Kicks turns into a monster at a soccer match due to a spell.

- Nutty goes mad when his favorite candy shop is closed for repairs and takes it out on everyone.

- Naz’s Halloween prank goes too far.

- Icy and the other penguins learn that they had a fifth member who got lost. When they finally find him, they are horrified when they discover that their former comrade has gone feral.

- Giggles eats something that causes her to grow 50ft tall.

- Stacy gets a whiff of a chemical that causes her to change charac…

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MrHTF1999 MrHTF1999 5 days ago

Hi again!

I was MrHTF2020, but it's been so long that I forgot my password. It's good to be back here. I thought I was gonna forget everything about this wiki and leave it all behind.

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Whogan Whogan 7 days ago

Why there should be a kid-friendly version.

The characters looks adorable, so there should be a kid-friendly version.

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Kylearipal Kylearipal 13 days ago

anyone Does do Custom Trade?

Hello,I just made this Blog because i was searching for Adoptables in the order of it..But,Everything i saw even im interested are taken and my face are like blank and went to change my mind and keep searching,but everything went taken or closed because of the date. But I'm here to look for the person who can do Custom trade with me,i will try my best to keep a skilled on designs☆

To begin if you accept,feel free to dm me in discord or comment down below so we can work it out. The Things i've wanted is right on my last blog,which is same ig. I'm a Deer and Anteater obssesion keeper because i achieve myself as over 100+ of these ocs.

After for that,i'm doing my first-time free adoptables in here but mostly Deers and Anteaters because they're m…

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Monotonousmuse Monotonousmuse 16 days ago

Random Next Gens- Adopt Giveaway

Made some random next gen characters last night. If anyone wants one lmk, but you're only allowed one. If any of these don't go by this Friday, 9/10, then I'll take them back and give them away elsewhere


- If you want one, you must use them. Please don't let them collect dust.

-Please don't change the designs too much. Make them recognizable

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Cartoongirl3890 Cartoongirl3890 16 days ago

Human AU Headcanons of Every Character Part 1

Cuddles - Full Name: Calvin "Cal" Lukas Andersson, Age: 15, Birthday: January 13, 1984, Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, Ethnicity: Swedish-Christian

Giggles - Full Name: Genji Wong, Age: 15, Birthday: February 14, 1984, Birth Place: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Ethnicity: Chinese

Toothy - Full Name: Timothy "Tim" Eric Jackson, Age: 14, Birthday: April 4, 1985, Birth Place: San Francisco, California, Ethnicity: African-American

Lumpy - Full Name: Leonardo "Leon" Roberto Hernández, Age: 32, Birthday: May 15, 1967, Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, Ethnicity: Mexican

Petunia - Full Name: Penelope Elizabeth Taylor, Age: 17, Birthday: May 18, 1982, Birth Place: Liverpool, England, Ethnicity: Britain

Handy - Full Name: Hania "Hans" Dakota Catawnee, Age:…

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Lord O' Darkness Lord O' Darkness 17 days ago

September OC Giveaway

We're at that point between the end of summer and the start of Spooky Month. And I've got a couple more characters to give away.

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Kirbeefan123 Kirbeefan123 24 days ago


jk plz dont ban me from wiki but we can trade characters

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RomanGamer12 RomanGamer12 24 days ago

l ship it!


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Loladante97 Loladante97 28 days ago

Badger variant 1

this is a skin for a badger.his gender is male.i don't know an age for him or his intrests. he is colored black and white.

send me more characters with this species type and create a page for them. warning:do not add bathroom humor to your characters because you can get a strike.if you get three strikes,you will be banned for a few weeks.

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