• CoinsCP

    I'm making fan characters based on all of you!

    I will need all the information I need. Here's what I need:

    • Your Personality. What kind of character has no personality?
    • Your favorite color
    • Accessories (optional)
    • What Animal Do You Like Best?
    • Favorite and Worst Characters (Friends and Enemies)
    • Gender

    Here are some stuff you might want to explain.

    • Different Nose Color? - If not answered it will be pink.
    • Sharp Teeth or Buckteeth? - If not answered it will be buckteeth.
    • Any Other Information Needed.

    My example is Hawkeye, who is quite based on me. Though I am really nice, I can be quite sensitive. My sisters sometimes refer to me as "flipping-out" when I get angry. I made it a bit more gruesome than in real life (now why would I murder LOL).

    Sorry guys, but…

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  • Chase555

    Hey everyone! I'm Chase555! Here I'm going to talk about taking a break from Happy Tree Fanon.

    I haven't been editing recently because I'm real busy with DA and stuff. As of now, I'm going to focus on my DA account then HTF as of now. I'll be gone for a while, but I will be back. I don't know when, but I will.

    To communicate with me, I'll be on DA mostly. I will still manage the HTF Fanon Group on DA, but I am thinking about giving the "Founder" position to Danielsecond, Clamshot, Robostarthebomb, or HTF1234. So, goodbye for now. Bye!

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  • Fatface

    Episode List help

    June 3, 2012 by Fatface

    I want to add my episodes to the list of episodes, but how do you put those boxes with the description, image, etc?

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  • Brittonbubba

    YES!!! YES!!!

    May 28, 2012 by Brittonbubba

    I finally made 2 HTF Breaks and a full legnth one! :D

    • Tickled Silly
    • Tickled Silly Part Deux
    • Experimentickle

    If anyone has any ideas for me, whether it'd invole tickling or not, leave the idea in the comments.

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  • Chase555

    Hello Everyone! I'm Chase555! Welcome to yet another blog about the wiki. Basically more news and what not. Let's get started.

    So recently, the character Sir Gron has his only "ask" Tumblr Blog. He's already getting some questions in so go ask him so questions!

    Ask Sir Gron

    As of now, I'm planning a secret suprise for everyone on the wiki. Basically, in the comments below, I want everyone to vote for their TOP 5 FAVORITE FANON CHARACTER!!! (DON'T USE YOUR OWN!!!) Sadly as of now I can't tell anyone what the suprise is. All I can say in pose a comment below stating your top 5 favorite fan characters that aren't yours. So Go post those characters!!! (I'll pose mine). Top 5 will get there reward. =P

    That's all about the news on the fanon. Post co…

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  • Fatface

    Wario Wiki

    May 13, 2012 by Fatface

    Sorry for posting here, but Wario Wiki is rarely active. I'm the only consistent editor, and I was trying to attract more editors.

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  • Chase555

    News About the Wiki

    May 12, 2012 by Chase555

    Hey everyone, Chase555. This blog post that I created is for updates, feedback, and news about the wiki and everything that's going on. Let's Get Started!!!

    I would like to thank User:Clamshot, User:RoboStarthebomb, User:Danielsecond, and myself for creating Tumblr accounts for their/our popular fan characters. (Links Below)

    Torn: Ask Torn

    Trippy: Ask Trippy!!!

    Robo Star: Ask Robo Star!

    Hippy: Ask Hippy

    Progress is doing (semi) great for the much antecepated HTF FanonGroup. I know, I've got ALOT of problems with devianART, the group, and other Users about the group, trying to fix the problems. It turns about that the only way to summit art, is for me to invite you as a co-founder (Clamshot). Expect to see more of this soon.

    I was thinking about m…

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  • HTF1234

    Not sure if really and truly "official", but htfofficial appears to be the HTF crew. They just joined deviantART and posted few episodes and stuff. They also comment on people's stuff, no matter they're HTF-related or not (mostly HTF).

    They even state themselves as the HTF crew in their signature and replies from the confused fans.

    But still, I'm still feeling unsure.

    EDIT: The account htfofficial is fake. Warren Graff just dropped in under the account RealHappyTreeFriends and told everyone via the comment box in htfofficial that it is fake.

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  • Chase555

    Hey everyone (again). Yesterday, I created the Offical HTF Fanon Group on deviantART! Finally more people will come to the wiki, people will enjoy HTF Fanon, and more artwork will be posted. Go Here For More Informarion, and If You Wanna Join: deviantART

    Also, Robostarthebomb and Dainelsecond have posted Tumblr accounts of the two of the most popular characters in the series. (Robo Star and Torn).

    Torn: Ask Torn

    Robo Star: Ask Robo Star

    So good job to them, that may also help with the wiki.

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  • Chase555

    The Wiki

    May 7, 2012 by Chase555

    Okay, so the wiki is doing great as of right now! Thanks to Lord O' Darkness, Clamshot, (myself :3), HTF1234, and Danielsecond. Sadly, Brittonbubba hasn't been on latley with any characters or episodes.

    So anyway, I think to make this wiki better is to add admins and someone to adopt the wiki. I nominate everyone above that I mentioned. Lord O' Darkness needs to adopt the wiki because of him remarkable additions to the wiki.

    Another thing to add to the wiki is the change of Theme. HTF is full of many colors and brightness (even for a bloody mess). This grey color of the theme gets boring and doesn't fit the theme of HTF.

    So anything else you guys find wrong, or things you don't agree with? Just post a comment below.

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