Everyone is having a typical day in Tree Town, until the electronics shut down and many characters experience problems (Hippy's telephone turning off,Devious' computer shutting down just when he could get his world domination plan and Ava's computer shutting down when she is chatting with her friend.) It is then revealed that Ale placed a bunch of bombs all over the place hoping to kill the samurai Takeda upon seeing the sword in his poster. The bombs were stealing all the energy

Meanwhile Robo Star and Elliott are workers who upon hearing the shut down, decide to go down the sewers to investigate. Robo Star throws the manhole away which decapitates Pranky who was trying to hopefully prank Lumpy when he leaves the door so he cannot get bored. Elliott and Robo Star jump inside and trip upon falling into the sewers. They get back up and follow the tunnels. Elliott gets tired and falls asleep, falling face first into the sewer treatment. Robo Star, unaware of him falling asleep continues on. He goes to the end of the tunnel only to find a dead-end, so he turns around to go the other way. He slips past Elliott, unaware that he had suffocated when he fell asleep on the sewage treatment. Finally after a big search, Robo Star finds the wires the connected the boms altogether. Robo Star sees the instructions and its telling him to "cut the green wire." However, Robo Star not understanding the instructions, cuts the red wire, triggering an explosion in the town and killing everyone inside it. Robo Star peeps out of what was the manhole, and noticing the damage he caused, walks away nervous.


1. Pranky was decapitated by a manhole

2. Elliott drowns in the sewage treatment

3. Everyone except Robo Star dies when the town explodes.


1. With the Exception of Elliott's death, Robo Star is responsible for all the deaths in this episode.

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