Bottled up

Hippy is about to find out why it should have been a plastic bottle.

Hippy sits a ship-in-a-bottle on his shelf looking satified when the bottle falls over and impales Hippy through the stomach causing his blood to flow inside it. Hippy notices the bottle in his stomach and pulls it out causing the blood to flow outside his body. Hippy puts the bottle back. Then the blood flows through top of the bottle. So Hippy puts the lid on.

Without hesitation, Hippy dashes off to his car to go to the Hospital. When Hippy attempts to enter his car, he notices he can't fit through the door with the bottle impaled through this stomach. So Hippy then decides to push the bottle deeper into his stomach so he can get in the car. Breathing a sigh of relief, Hippy closes his door and drives off.

Later Hippy notices the sign pointing towards the Hospital and tries to turn. However, the bottle got caught up in the steering wheel, and as a result, he was unable to turn. He continued going straight past the Hospital.

Mom and Baby
Meanwhile, Mom was crossing the street with Baby inside a baby carriage. Mom notices a coin and stops in the middle of the street to pick it up. Soon Hippy's car runs over half of Baby's carriage. Mom, not noticing the previous incident pushes the other half of Baby's carriage. Hippy then notices Baby's dead body in the shape of a bobble head and continues driving. As a result, he didn't notice a fire hydrant ahead of him. (He wouldn't be able to avoid the hydrant anyway as his steering wheel was stuck because of the bottle). He crashes into the fire hydrant, forcing Hippy to fly out of the car to be forced through a water container.

Later, Mom, along with half of a baby carriage pours Hippy's blood in a cup (thinking it is water) and walks off nonchalantly. Finally the ship rises to the top of the water container.

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