Invisible box

He's pretending now, but just wait.

Boxed In is a fanon episode of HTF. In this episode, Mime gets trapped in an invisible box.





Guddles, Rip, Torn, Fiona, and Elliott watch as Mime performs a variety of tricks. He juggles balls and pretends to walk down invisible stairs. The crowd cheers and claps, and Mime thinks of his finishing act. He goes for a classic: pretending to get stuck in an invisible box. The crowd applauds and Mime proceeds to walk out, but is hit against an invisible wall. He sees he is really stuck in an invisible box and bangs his hands on it. Everyone thinks Mime is just playing around and they laugh. As it goes on, they get bored and leave.

Hours later, Mime is still stuck in the box and the only spectator left, Elliott, is fast asleep. Mime gets irritated and looks for help. Pop and Cub pass by and Mime gets their attention. He shows he is stuck in the invisible box, making them both laugh. But then Mime pulls out an invisible jackhammer and tries to drill out, and Pop assumes he is crazy, so he pushes his laughing son away from the "lunatic".

Mime is distressed that his supposed rescuers leave, so he resorts to scratching out of the box. It takes all day, and when night comes, Mime is not only still trapped, but the flesh on his fingers have been scraped off. Flaky walks by on an evening stroll, and Mime tries getting her attention. He shows Flaky his bony fingers and she runs away screaming. Mime cries that his last chance of help is gone.

Sometime later, Mime is still trapped. He is now unshaven and starving. Just as he prepares to shoot himself with an invisible gun, Splendid's shadow passes over him. Splendid notices Mime and, using his infrared vision, discovers the invisible box around him. Splendid decides to free Mime by using his laser vision to slice the box in half. Mime feels the space around him and realizes the box was sliced. But unfortunately, he was sliced as well. Splendid flies off pretending not to notice. Still sleeping nearby, Elliott slightly opens his eyes and claps at the performance.

After the credits, Lumpy is seen walking. He suddenly hits an invisible wall and notices that he has also become trapped in an invisible box.


"Just because you don't see something, doesn't mean it's not there!"


  1. Mime is sliced in half by Splendid's laser vision.


  1. Mime scrapes the flesh off his finger trying to escape.


  • Mime's injury is similar to one of Cuddles' injuries in Can't Stop Coffin.
  • The blood from Mime's fingers is seen on an invisible wall of the box.
  • Dust can be seen on the ground when the halves of the invisible box fall over.
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