Boxtracted is an episode of season 113.


Kentucky and Boxer is about to boxing at the boxing ring. As then The Announcer shouts "FIGHT!". Kentucky and Boxer then starts to fighting and boxing each other. However, during the certain of the fight, Boxer manages to uppercut Kentucky in the face, heavily injuries him. Knock Kentucky himself to the floor. However,Kentucky himself is still undefeated by Boxer's uppercut. Boxer thens go and stomps Kentucky in the stomach, making him unable to stand up or move. Then begans to finish him by raising the punch to him. Suddenly, before he could do that. He heards a voice that saying his fighting skills is bad, despite being good (thus intercupt. He then turn around and see that The Announcer says that and had insulted his bad fighting skills.

Boxer then turns his target on The Announcer, as well. He leaves the boxing ring and attacking The Announcer by knock him down and then punchs him several times in the face while giving Kentucky a chance to stand up. Kentucky thens successfully stands up, charges toward Boxer and using his jaw to biting Boxer's neck, heavily weakened him and causing him to scream in pain. And then punching weakened Boxer few times in stomach before knocks him down to the floor. After knock him down, Kentucky punches Boxer several times in the face.As Referee appears and begans to count. He eventually counts to 3 while Kentucky punches Boxer in face. Boxer is then defeated and lost.Referee thens apporach Kentucky, grab Kentucky's hand up, claim that he wins. Kentucky thens say to Referee that he wants some chickens as the reward for his victory, so Referee give him a chicken box. As Kentucky thanks him, Kentucky opens the box and happily eating the chickens.

The final scene shows The Announcer is trying to stand up from his injuries, but eventually succumbs to his injuries that were caused by Boxer, and then he dies. As the episode end.

Moral: Don't care about your distracter when you're about to winning a match! (to Boxer)


  • Boxer probably dies from succumbing to Kentucky's punches. (Debatable)
  • The Announcer dies from succumbing to Boxer's punches


  • Kentucky and Boxer punch each other in the boxing match
  • Kentucky is uppercut in the face by Boxer and getting knocked to the floor
  • The Announcer is knocked down by Boxer and then got punched several times in the face
  • Kentucky bites Boxer in the neck with his jaw, heavily injuries him
  • Kentucky flawlessly punches Boxer several times before he knocks him to the floor
  • Kentucky punched knocked Boxer several times until he loses.


  • The episode's title is the combination of the words "boxing" and "distracted"
    • The "Boxing" refers to the boxing match in this episode, while "distracted" refers to the fact that Boxer got distracted by The Announcer when he about to win.
  • Originally, Quake Tree was in Kentucky's place
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