Not even HTF is safe from fart jokes anymore...

Splendont is reading a book that makes him sad, and then the TV turns on with a weather announcement. Wooly appears as a news caster and a tornado approaches behind him. Splendont heads out to stop the commotion but also takes the book with him. Wooly, Camera-man Elliott, Toothy, Fuddles, and Puffy are by a barn watching the tornado which comes dangerously close, and soon sucks up them all expect for Puffy who is behind a fence. Splendont saves Wooly but then loses his book, he ties Wooly up with the microphone cord so he can obtain his book, but it too gets caught up on his own foot. As he tries to rescue his book being sucked away, his pulling crushes Wooly. He uses his laser eyes to cut the cord. His book loses pages, and Splendont shoots through Fuddles, cutting her in half, as he flies to get it. He manages to get each page and continue reading the book, the last page is seen in the heart of the tornado.

With all his might, Splendont breathes in and exhales the tornado into him, Toothy falls to the ground and lands on some cushions but then bounces onto some sharp pitchforks then is finished off but more boucing sharp tools. The last page of the book floats down to Splendont's hands, but then his stomach rumbles, and he belches out a huge fart. The powerful blast skins Puffy to bone, and intoxicates the entire earth. The Beaver crashes her truck into Superspeed and Pierce is poisoned by the air. Jussy lights a match to see in the dark landscape, but the flame reacts with the gas and sets the world on fire. Splendont emerges unharmed from the burnt landscape, he reads the last page, and is unstaisfied.

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