Kibble is reading a book. The TV shows the news reporter Licky and the cameraman Gloomy. Oddity and Samantha are shown getting sucked by a tornado. Kibble comes into the place. He holds on to Licky, but his book gets sucked and a wire kills Licky, while Kibble crashes into Oddity. Kibble then eats the tornado. Samantha falls down, but lands on pitchforks. Kibble then farts, killing Cub, who is behind the gate. Cuddles then comes out off his house, but Wade, in his car, runs over Cuddles. Spyguy also comes out. Hippy then uses a box of matches, but blows up the planet. Kibble then reads his book again.


  • Licky is killed by the wire.
  • Kibble crashes into Oddity.
  • Samantha is killed by the pitchforks.
  • Gloomy died in the tornado. (death not seen)
  • Cub is killed by Kibble's fart.
  • Cuddles is hit by a car.
  • Hippy, Spyguy, and Wade die in an explosion.


  • This marks Spyguy's first death.
  • This fan version episode is considered weird as Kibble, being an ordinary tree friend, shouldn't be able to survive such explosion and even eat a tornado whole.
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