Brian is a HTFF character. 


Character Bio

Brian is a male blue caterpillar with yellow spots. He is usually relegated to the background. Sometimes, however, he disrupts the plot by discreetly inconveniencing the other characters in an attempt to one-up them at something, doing so in an almost trollish manner.

Although rarely noticed, those who see him choose to ignore him due to the unsettling grin he always displays. He also speaks with a rather low-pitched voice. Most of the interactions he has are with other cameo-type characters (Truffles, The Zebra, etc).

Not much is known about his personality, though he is described as narcissistic with a desire to be in the spotlight, doing things such as vandalism and plagiarism to get noticed. He is also toxic to the touch, causing painful and itchy rashes to anyone he comes into contact with.






  1. A Bit Too Much of a Pickle - Murdered by Lammy and Mr. Pickles in the YouTube episode.
  2. Look But Don't Touch - Turned to gold.
  3. Mink the Mighty - Impales himself on a tree branch.
  4. The Garden of Raymond - Sliced in half by the marker pole of the fire hydrant.

Kill Count


  • He was formerly known as Narrator and adopted from a user who was infamous for plagiarism and repeated sockpuppetry.
  • His favorite past time is making books and sneaking them into library shelves.
  • He is such a narcissist that even Todd is repulsed by him.
  • Despite sharing Cub's body assets, he is taller due to his extra segments.
  • He is both Blobby  and Thunder's first victim.


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