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Not to confuse the Buck character with an otter of the same name.

Buck and Chuck are fan characters.

Character bio

Buck and Chuck are twin beavers though they only look somewhat alike. Buck is a lighter blue and wears a green bucket hat; Chuck is a darker blue and wears overalls and has a few loose strands of hair on his head. Both twins however have dark tails and belly and ear markings that match, as well as moles though in different spots on their faces.

The siblings very much care for each other and are rarely seen apart, however they are contrasting personalities that are often the source of sparring between then duo. Chuck is immature and reckless, the easily distracted type who cares more about having fun then being careful; He lacks a true sense of danger and will eagerly run into trouble, dragging his brother along.

Buck is more mature but somewhat reclusive, following his brother like a shadow and usually keeping to himself unless forced by his sibling. He is more keenly aware of the danger around them and is often trying to steer his brother out of it, with little success. Often it is Buck who ends up wildly injured in his attempts to protect his brother, who is often unscathed.

Despite Buck being more prone to injury, the siblings rarely make it though an episode without both of them dying.

Buck and Chuck's episodes

Starring roles

  1. Fishing You Well
  2. Wake up and Shake up
  3. Bee Quiet
  4. Shower power
  5. Ladder,rinse,repeat
  6. Canoe dig it
  7. Clause and Effect
  8. Stuck on Glue
  9. Buck's Fishing Smoochie (Buck only)
  10. Chuck's Toy Smoochie (Chuck only)
  11. Bruise Cruise
  12. Stick with me (Chuck only)
  13. Toy Meets World
  14. Pier Factor (Buck)
  15. Double Trouble
  16. Luck Of The Draw (Buck)
  17. Boat Battle
  18. Three Bucks (Buck)
  19. Over the Coll-edge
  20. Toy to the World
  21. Taking A Look
  22. Buck Naked
  23. Bunk In The Night

Featuring roles

  1. Morgue Than Meets the Eyes
  2. Theaters...
  3. Hung up to die
  4. Reel Deal
  5. Tooth or Dare
  6. Pipe Dream
  7. Carn-Evil
  8. Sleep-Over and Out
  9. Garage Fail
  10. A Clothes Call
  11. Mostly Ghostly (Chuck Only)
  12. April Pools
  13. Who Mind Is It Anyway
  14. Pier Factor (Chuck)
  15. Sky and By
  16. Return to Slender
  17. You Don't Know Jack
  18. The Pipes Are Calling
  19. That's Gonna Costume!
  20. Spider Busters
  21. Detour De France
  22. Surprising Party
  23. Adventures In Babysitting
  24. Something Old, Something News
  25. Chimney Trap
  26. Shattering Effects
  27. Loch Ness Monstrosity
  28. Sunk Soldier
  29. Sibling Rivalry
  30. Roses are Dead
  31. Zoo on You
  32. Origin of the Beak
  33. Tree Times the Charm
  34. Three Bucks (Chuck)
  35. Dead Like Me
  36. Gloomio and Juliet
  37. An Odd Kind of Kind
  38. Better Safe and Sorry
  39. Beaver Centipede
  40. Beat of the Feet
  41. Super Bat Man
  42. Take a Byte
  43. Off Camera
  44. Gulp and Gasp
  45. Sign for Future
  46. Regeneration X


  1. Stick with me (Buck only)
  2. Bust My Chops!
  3. Origin of Evil
  4. Suic-idol Tendencies
  5. Shipment of Pain
  6. Breach Racket Blowout
  7. Dawn of the Squash
  8. Battle of the Boneheads
  9. What's Sad and Done
  10. Stop the Spinning!
  11. The Big Three Oh!
  12. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends
  13. Up for Grabs
  14. Another One Bites the Tusk
  15. Christmas Once Again
  16. Angry Jerky Pig
  17. Smoke Zero
  18. You Need a Licence to Pilot
  19. Remembering Trippy
  20. For Cryin' and Laughin' Out Loud!
  21. Platypus Evolution
  22. Dalai Llama
  23. Stick Your Tongue Out
  24. Dutch Oven
  25. MoneyBat
  26. Sphere to Stay
  27. Table Flipper
  28. Fishy Meal
  29. Can't Unseen It


  1. Morgue Than Meets the Eyes: Chuck is beheaded by a elevator while Buck is impaled by surgical tools
  2. Fishing You Well: Buck is eaten by a large fish.
  3. Theaters...: Buck slips and cracks his head, Chuck is smashed by an opening door.
  4. Hung up to die: Buck is sliced in half and Chuck is cut to pieces.
  5. Mall for one: Chuck is drilled by a top, Buck is run over.
  6. Wake up and Shake up: Buck is crushed by a tree, Chuck is beheaded offscreen.
  7. Bee Quiet: Chuck's stomache burst, Buck burst.
  8. Shower power: Chuck drowns, Buck is cut by glass.
  9. Ladder, Rinse, Repeat: Buck is cut in half, Chuck is hit by a paint can.
  10. Canoe dig it: Chuck drowns, Buck's skull is cracked.
  11. Reel Deal: Chuck's neck is snapped, Buck is impaled on Perry's horns.
  12. Clause and Effect: Chuck is crushed by Flaky, Buck catches on fire.
  13. Stuck on Glue: Buck is impaled by glass, Chuck is crushed by a file cabnet.
  14. Tooth or Dare: Buck suffers from massive brain freeze, Chuck is impaled on a decorative log holder.
  15. Pipe Dream: Chuck is impaled by a pipe, Buck is run over.
  16. Buck's Fishing Smoochie - Fish: Cut by fishing line. (Buck only)
  17. Buck's Fishing Smoochie - Storm: Smashed by boat. (Buck only)
  18. Buck's Fishing Smoochie - Hook: Eaten by fish. (Buck only)
  19. Chuck's Toy Smoochie - Yo-Yo: Strangled by Yo-Yo. (Chuck only)
  20. Chuck's Toy Smoochie - Jacks: Implaled on jacks. (Chuck only)
  21. Chuck's Toy Smoochie - Blocks: Smashed by a giant block. (Chuck only)
  22. Bruise Cruise: Both are boiled alive.
  23. Stick with me: Chuck's brain is ripped out.
  24. Carn-Evil: Necks are broken.
  25. Sleep-Over and Out: Buck has his neck snapped. Chuck is impaled by springs.
  26. Garage Fail: Chuck is run over by a car, Buck breaks his spine on a fire hydrant.
  27. A Clothes Call: Chuck is impaled by a ladder rung, Buck splatters on the ground
  28. Mostly Ghostly: Chuck is impaled on a chandelier.
  29. Bust My Chops!: Both are decapitated by a nunchuck.
  30. Toy Meets World: Buck is crushed by a tree, Chuck is killed by the robot.
  31. April Pools: Splattered on pool floor.
  32. Origin of Evil: Died when the playground they were at is hit by a laser.
  33. Who Mind Is It Anyways: Sliced in half by Splendid's laser vision.
  34. Suic-idol Tendencies: Buck is crushed by Gloomy's bathtub, Chuck is electrocuted.
  35. Pier Factor: Chuck's face is ripped off, Buck is smashed by a buoy.
  36. Shipment of Pain: Crushed by the viking ship ride.
  37. Sky and By: Chuck is shredded by plane propeller, Buck is either killed by ducks or shredded in engine.
  38. Breach Racket Blowout: Torn and eaten by a shark.
  39. Return to Slender: Impaled by corndogs.
  40. Double Trouble: Buck's skull is smashed.
  41. You Don't Know Jack: Buck's head is cracked, Chuck is killed by Jack.
  42. Dawn of the Squash: Beheaded off-screen.
  43. Luck Of The Draw: Buck is electrocuted.
  44. The Pipes Are Calling: Chuck's head explodes, Buck explodes from loud music.
  45. Spider Busters: Chuck is sliced by stairs, Buck is crushed by a giant spider.
  46. That's Gonna Costume!: Split in half.
  47. Detour De France: Necks are broken.
  48. Surprising Party: Shocked to death.
  49. Adventures in Babysitting: Killed in an explosion.
  50. Something Old, Something News: Possibly burnt to death (debatable).
  51. Shattering Effects: Sliced by glass.
  52. Loch Ness Monstrosity: Crushed by giant flipper.
  53. Stop the Spinning!: Electrocuted/Disintegrated. 
  54. The Big Three Oh!: Killed by a bomb.
  55. Greedy Greedy Tree Friends: Run over by Flippy.
  56. Roses are Dead: Both are eaten by piranhas.
  57. Boat Battle: Both are crushed by an anchor.
  58. Christmas Once Again: Sliced by Pucky's skates.
  59. To The Moon and Soon!: Both are eaten alive.
  60. Origin of the Beak: Crashed into by Pointy.
  61. Tree Times the Charm: Crushed by fallen tree.
  62. Tree Bucks: Chuck is sliced by a fishing line.
  63. You Need a Licence to Pilot: Killed by bomb. 
  64. Dead Like Me: Chuck is smashed by a shovel.
  65. For Cryin' and Laughin' Out Loud!: Chuck is run over by Twinkie's unicycle, Buck is impaled by a bowling pin.
  66. An Odd Kind of Kind: Smashed by log.
  67. Better Safe and Sorry: Buck is impaled by lawn gnomes, Chuck is hit by a brick.
  68. Beaver Centipede: Sliced by telephone wire.
  69. Dalai Llama: Drowned.
  70. Beat of the Feet: Buck is compressed through a trombone, Chuck has his organs sucked out.
  71. Stick Your Tongue Out: Both are ground by revolving doors.
  72. Super Bat Man: Burnt to ashes.
  73. Sphere to Stay: Both crushed by a shelf.
  74. Take a Byte: Chuck is eaten by Jauz and Buck died in the explosion.
  75. Off Camera: Buck is crushed by a box and Chuck is impaled by broken light bulbs.
  76. Taking a Look: Chuck dies of a heart attack.
  77. Gulp and Gasp: Chuck is crushed by the briefcase and Buck gets flushed/squeezed to death.
  78. Buck Naked: Buck's body bursts.
  79. Regeneration X: Buck's head is impaled by a popsicle stick.
  80. Bunk In The Night: Buck is crushed by the collapse of their bunk bed.


  1. Careful What You Fish For: Buck gets eaten by a piranha. 
  2. Double Trouble DVD: Buck's face is cut off, Chuck is cut in half.


  • It is shown in the episode Fishing you well that Chuck owns a pet tarantula and a porcupine costume.
  • In Bust My Chops!, it was revealed that the brothers know karate (Chuck is not good at it and has even given Buck a black eye). Chuck also appears to believe in ghosts, but it could be just his wild imagination.
  • In Stuck on Glue, it was shown that Buck likes model planes.
  • Originally created years ago, the design of the twins was updated on August 29th, 2019, and again in 2021, harkening back more to their original concept.


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