Bugging Out is a HTF Fanon episode.





Josh wanders through the museam looking at random exibits when he stubles upon the bug gallery. He decides to go inside only to find all the displays empty and a sad looking Scorp sitting on the ground. josh goes to Scorp and asks what wrong sop Scorp responds by pointing of at one of the empty displays and then at a sigh depicting someone cachting bugs. Josh relises what he means and quickly runs off. Moment later Josh returns with a beetle and Scorp yells in joy at this. He then hugs Josh and takes the bug while asking if Josh could get more bugs and Josh agrees and runs off. however the moment Josh leaves Scorp eats the beetle and rubs his belly.

Josh soon arrives in a feild with a a range of bug catching supplies and he hunts after bugs. First he finds a bunch of butterflys and quickly gets them in a net. Josh then runs to the museum and gives the butterflys to Scorp who eats them as soon as Josh leaves. Josh soon returns again with more bug which Scorp eats once more. This retpeats itself multiple times until Scorp is plump from all the bugs he has eaten. Josh seems to be unaware of this and hands over a jar holding Buzzles and The Ants in it. Scorp thanks Josh and sends him, and the moment Josh is gone Scorp opens the jar and prepare to eat the contents but Buzzles flys away carring the ant family with him.

Josh meanwhile arrives back at the field and runs into Arac who nearly gives him a heart attack. Josh thinks for a mamnet and then shoves Arac in a bag and drags him away. Josh arrives at the museum and is shocked to find Scorp chasing after Buzzles and The Ants. Scor[p then spots Josh and the large bag and beocmes excited so he opens it only to scream in horror when he finds Arac. In terror Scorp losses balance and falls on his back, unfortunaly landing on his stinger which makes him burst in a huge explosion that wipes out the muesum.

The episode ends with Senior waking up in a chair and finding the museum disroyed.


  1. Scorp is popped by his stinger.
  2. Josh, Arac, Buzzles and The Ants are killed in the explosion.


  • This episode is a reference to Animal Crossing, because in the game, you can catch bugs and donate them to the museum.
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