He looks familiar somehow....

Bumpsy is a HTFF character.


Bumpsy is a blue raccoon with a hat made of his skin and tail (actually made by his mother), a small tuft of hair, an eyepatch and a bandage on his left cheek. He also has bandages on his hand and lowerhalf.


He is quite nice but also cautious and nervous all the time.

He is an accident-prone guy who gets hit with bad luck on a regular basis, sometimes coming out of nowhere. While he is often injured from these, he almost never dies. So far, the only episodes he dies are All for One, One for All, Itsy Bitsy Turtles, and Happy Anniversary Friends.







  1. All for One, One for All - Dies after his heart is taken out.
  2. Itsy Bitsy Turtles - Killed in explosion.
  3. Happy Anniversary Friends - Burns to death.


  • Roofing....- Crashes into an apple tree, causing several apples to fall on him.
  • Wasp It Something I Said? - Gets hit in the head by the wasps' nest, gets stung by the wasps and bumps into Beehive.
  • Attack of The Killer Bicycle - Hurts his eye and arms pior to the episode, trips and crashes into things several times and the bike falls on him.
  • Sushi The World - Hit in the head by a fork, gets pepper in his eyes, splashed by lemonade and gets knocked off the chair by Mr. Pickles
  • Lucky Raccoon - The ladder falls on him, falls backwards on it, gets attack by the possum, and a pinecone falls on him.
  • Vampire Geek - Trips on a tree branch, gets attacked by a black cat, bitten in the arm by Geeky, crashes into a tree, and an acorn hits him on the head


  • Buzzles - 1 ("Wasp It Something I Said?")


  • He is based off of Mr. Bump from The Mr. Men series. Amusingly, both are blue.
    • His nickname is "Mr. Bump".
  • It's unknown how he got his injuries in the first place.
  • When his hat is off, his left chipped ear and some bandages on his head and right ear.
  • Fianna is his love-interest.
  • He was one of Lord O' Darkness' display characters until he was given away.
  • He is one of the few characters to debut in HTF Break.


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