Caffeine is a fanon character who lost Vote or Die to Bro & Tyke. He is was later made a regular character as of Season 46.


Caffeine is a grey civet who is addicted to coffee and caffeine. Because of this addiction, he is shown to be drowsy most of the time and coffee is the only thing that can keep him awake. After consuming caffeine, he will temporarily leave from his drowsy state into becoming twitchy and hyperactive. 

His kills and deaths may often be caused by his drowsiness or coffee.





Pre-Season 46 Cameos


  1. Disco is Dead - Scalded by coffee.
  2. Running Latte - Compressed against a stop sign.
  3. Iced Kappa - Ran over by Sniffles.
  4. All Cat Remains - Head explodes when is punched too hard.
  5. Sweeps This Mess Up - Skinned by a kitchen knife.
  6. Genie Weeny Little Problem - Crushed by a manhole.
  7. We've Melt With This - Impaled by a straw.
  8. I Mustache You a Question - Face scalded by coffee.


  • He is the first civet in the series. Crash used to be one but was changed to a badger.
  • His concept comes from the fact that some civet species are involved with the production of an expensive coffee called Kopi Luwak.
  • Of the 24 votes in the poll, he recieved 4.
  • He was called Caffeine because coffee has caffeine in it.
  • There was recently a raffle to own Caffeine. He is now owned by Waterclam.


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