Calm doesn't automatically mean enjoyable...

Calm HTF is a Happy Tree Friends Flash game created by SOTC. It uses all 22 characters of the main cast. It made its first air on deviantART on September 23, 2016 and its second air on Newgrounds 8 days after.

Game description

"You play an HTF OC and find yourself in a surprisingly vast, but calm theater. Many of the characters need your help because they don't want to get out of their seats. You get valuable keys of different colors as you follow their requests and make them happy. With all 7 valuable keys, you can unlock the Starry World door and go there to beat the game!"


You are a guest tree friend who visits a theater, where you're first greeted by Lumpy on the front row seats. There, Lumpy tells you the objective: Gain access to Starry World by collecting all seven valuable keys.

In the calm theater, you meet other tree friends seated on the rows of seats behind the row Lumpy is on. All of them present their own problems and you have to solve them.

At the backmost row, you see Petunia, Flaky and an anxious Flippy. Talking to Flaky, she tells you that Flippy is a cute guy but he often ends up being mean and killing everyone. She's unsure what to give to him in fear that she would trigger his evil side. You soon find a bottle of soda in one room beside one of the theater rows. Cub also happens to be hiding in that room. It's explicitly hinted that said bottle of soda is the best possible gift to calm down Flippy. Unfortunately, there's nothing to properly contain the soda, so you explore the theater for something that can be used to contain it. At another room, which contains lockers and Cro-Marmot, you examine the former. One of the lockers happen to contain a plastic cup, which can be used to contain the soda you picked up. Once you poured the soda, you go back to visit the back row, where you give the cup of soda to Flippy, calming him down and surprising Flaky in the process. However, Flippy still feels sad as he feels like someone is missing. Noticing the empty seat beside him, the missing tree friend must be the one who Flippy is looking for. Flippy then tells you to ring the bell at the frontmost section of the theater as he's tired. After you do so, you go back to the backmost row only to find Splendid who is now seated next to Flippy. He also happens to carry an empty basket, which can be picked up. While Flippy is unsure if he has met Splendid before, Flaky thanks you for ringing the bell. She gives you the oil can she's holding on as a reward. Not only that, but she also rewards you with the yellow key, one of the valuable keys needed to unlock access to Starry World.

Two rows forward from the backmost row, called row C, you see a sad Pop. He explains that his son ran off somewhere and he wants to find him, but he can't leave his seat unattended. You try to convince him that the seat won't be filled in by someone else, but Pop isn't sure, though he gives you a hammer to help. Remembering that Cub was in a room just next to the row Pop is in, you have to figure out how to lure Cub out. You then proceed to explore some more, but when you exited the theater room from the back, Lifty steals your hammer. In order to get it back, you have to pass the "raccoon test" (as said by the twin raccoons). It involves having a proper conversation with the brothers. After telling him that breaking the glass behind him would cause injuries, Lifty gives up and drops the hammer for you to reclaim. You then use it to break the glass behind Lifty, which contains a switch that appears to be too hard to activate, appearing to be stuck. So, you use Flaky's oil can to make it unstuck and allow you to activate the elevator in the lefthand corridor near the theater room's exit. Being able to gain access to the upper floor, you explore said place. At the selling press room, you find several items lying around, one of them being The Cursed Idol. There are also clips hanging on the wall, though you need money to get them. You notice marbles scattered on the floor, so you pick them up and put them in the basket. The marbles happen to cover a hint on the floor, something to do with getting money and using a hook. Keeping that in mind, you go back down and exit the theater room, passing by Lifty and Shifty again. On your way, you find a compartment that seems to be specifically made to store marbles. However, you end up falling into the raccoon brothers' trick as Shifty snags the marbles you're trying to store. You revisit the twin raccoons again. Shifty tells you that they've tricked you, making you mad. But suddenly, you notice something silver on Shifty's hand. He tells you that it's a stolen key, but he's more interested in the marbles and doesn't need the key anymore, so he drops the key for you to pick up. You then go to the upper floor again and decide to check out the convenience shop. While you have no money to buy anything there yet, you notice a freezer that contains items not for sale. Unfortunately, it's locked. But fortunately for you, the key you got earlier can be used on the freezer, allowing you to open it. The freezer contains only one item in there, a cone of ice cream. You then pick it up and wonder what or who to use it on. You explore once more in that upper floor, where you happen to pass by an "insight" board, where there are random writings that tell about the theater and certain tree friends' traits. When you look at the board, one of the writings imply that the youngest one (Cub) loves ice cream, so you keep that hint in mind and try to use the ice cream to lure Cub. You then go back to the room where Cub is hiding. You proceed to lure Cub out of hiding with the ice cream. After that, you give Pop said ice cream so that Cub can come out of the room and hop on Pop's arms, reuniting them for good. After a heartful thank you from Pop, you decided to go back to the nearby room again, revealing a green key on where Cub was previously hiding. You then pick up the valuable key.

Still in the same room, you notice a screwdriver. Thinking that it might be useful later on, you pick it up. Back at row C, you notice that Cuddles is unhappy. He tells you that it's because of the theater's calm atmosphere. He also tells you that he's forced to go to the theater because his mother doesn't want him to be separated from the others. Disco Bear suggests dancing to get the mood up, but he can't really motivate Cuddles as he apparently is "glued" to the seat he's sitting on. Cuddles, however, is more interested in listening to the music. He tells you that Sniffles might have something that can help. You then go to the row behind row C and talk to Sniffles, interrupting his reading session. Sniffles says that he has a music player with a disk inside, which are then given to you. Also, he decided to give you a petri dish as he's not interested in it anymore. However, something is missing, the headphones, so you proceed to ask Disco Bear. However, Disco Bear refuses to give you the headphones unless you give him a paper airplane. You then explore the theater once again, trying to find a paper. You happen to stumble upon the room with the lockers and Cro-Marmot again, where you read the "CALM HTF" sign above the lockers. The sign appears to be colored in such a way that it might be a hint to something. You then leave the room and proceed to go to the corridor where you find a container box that is fully screwed. You use the screwdriver you picked up from much earlier to unscrew the box, revealing a door that can only be opened by using a correct color combination. You then remember the sign in the lockers room and proceed to try using the sign's colors to open it. It works, revealing a piece of paper, your only way to finish Disco Bear's request. However, you don't know how to make a paper airplane, so you go ask someone that can do so. Lumpy happens to be the one who has experience in making origami papercraft, so you try asking him. He then makes a paper airplane out of the sheet of paper you gave him, only to cluelessly throw it away into the distance after finishing it. This forces you to go find the thrown paper airplane at the back seats. You then find it in the lockers room and pick it up. After that, you give it to Disco Bear, who praises your paper airplane. He then gives you his headphones as promised. Finally, you give the music player and headphones to Cuddles, finally giving him the entertainment he wanted. As a reward, Cuddles gives you a valuable blue key.

Cuddles then suddenly notices that there's gum on the music player, telling you to throw it into the trash. However, there are no trash bins nearby, so you decide to keep it for a while. You then go to row D, behind Cuddles's row, where you talk to Toothy, who comments on the mellow atmosphere. Toothy then suddenly wonders about one thing: How Handy can work without hands. You wonder why Toothy doesn't simply ask him, who is sitting next to Toothy, but Toothy tells you that he's too shy to do so. So, you have no choice but to ask Handy on your own. When you do so, Handy refuses to answer as he finds it embarassing. You then tell Toothy the disappointing news, causing him to be sad and slightly anxious about his curiosity. You then leave the beavers to check out the foremost row. One of the seats contains some goo, so you clean it up, putting some goo in Sniffles's petri dish in the process. When you revisit the beavers again, Toothy begins begging Handy for information. Handy then reluctantly agrees to tell him, but under one condition: Getting Handy a valuable mirror so he can see how he looks right now. Toothy can only complain, but you decide to do the job for him. You then check every nook and cranny in the theater once again, now to find a valuable mirror. You check in the room with the twin raccoons, where you decide to check underneath the red carpet. You find a dusty mirror there. Since it's dusty, you have to figure out how to make it look "valuable". You then remember one of the hints in the "insight" board, which tells you that Petunia hates dirty stuff in a petri dish, so you try giving her the petri dish containing the goo from earlier. Obviously, she becomes uncomfortable and proceeds to clean it, dropping her cleaning spray in the process. You then pick up the spray and spray it on the mirror, but there's nothing to reliably wipe the liquid off to properly clean it, so you explore the theater once more. At the lockers room, you suddenly find a paper towel in one of the lockers, so you use it to clean up the mirror, making it look "valuable", like a brand new one. You then give the mirror to Toothy, thus completing Handy's request. Because of this, Handy can now tell Toothy his secret, albeit by whispering so you can't hear it anyway. As a reward, Toothy gives you a valuable orange key. As for Handy, he gives you a stool, which he finds no more use of it.

After thanking the two beavers for rewarding you, you proceed to help more tree friends to get the rest of the keys. This time, you try to talk to Lammy, who is really unhappy. Turns out, she has lost Mr. Pickels and can't find him anywhere. While she doesn't remember where was the last time she saw him, she tells you that Petunia might get ahold of him as she was seen jerking on her seat. You go back to the backmost row and ask Petunia. However, she doesn't know who Mr. Pickels is and she doesn't even carry a pickle to the theater. It turns out that the reason she's jerking on her seat is because of a fishing hook, which she then gives to you, thinking that you can make use of it later on. Remembering yet another "insight" board hint (Mime keeps money behind him) and a hint in the selling press room, you try using the fishing hook to get something behind Mime. Turns out that Mime really is carrying a wallet full of money and since he's sleeping, there's no way he'll realize that he's missing his valuables. Meanwhile, Petunia still has no idea who Mr. Pickels is. Then, you suggest that she should check out a clip that shows him. Hearing that, she becomes happy and can't wait to see said clip, as she also happens to bring her own video player. Since clips can only be found in the selling press room, you go back there again. And since you also have the money for them, you proceed to buy one clip that contains Mr. Pickels's debut episode. You then run all the way back to visit Petunia and give her the clip. She finally recognizes him and tells you the details about what happened in the episode. Flaky also chimes in and tells her own experience from that same episode. You ask Flaky where Mr. Pickels is, but her only memory is that it was hard for him to take it. You then proceed to try to find the animated pickle. You first ask Handy, who may or may not happen to see the pickle. It turns out that he actually packed him. When you try to pick up Mr. Pickels from Handy, the former ends up running away. He runs too fast for you to capture him, so you have to figure out how to stop him from running around. Fortunately, you still keep the piece of gum that was supposed to go to the trash. It's sticky, so it should be able to stop Mr. Pickels on his tracks. The perfect spot to place it is the "X" mark in the room where you first found Cub, as it's the only room where Mr. Pickels wander through outside the theater room. Once Mr. Pickels gets stuck, you proceed to pick him up and return him to Lammy. As a reward, Lammy gives you a spoon and a valuable pink key.

After all that, you decide to check on Mole, the blind tree friend. Upon talking to him, he immediately asks for a request. But before telling that, he first reveals his secret: He has a crush on Giggles, but he often messes up on his planned dates with her. His request is to fill a cardboard box (inscribed with Mole's signature) with chocolate and give said box to Giggles. Chocolate can only be bought at the theater's convenience shop, so you go there. However, you suddenly remember one of the writings at the "insight" board, the one about Nutty's craving for sweet stuff and his dislike towards fruits. Considering that Nutty is sitting next to Giggles, his presence acts as an obstacle. Also, you have no cardboard box with you, so you have to find it somewhere else first. After exploring a little bit, you find the cardboard box Mole was talking about in the room where you first found Cub. On your way back to the shop, you happen to notice that there's a bowl of sugary fruit punch in the theater room's exit, though it's out of reach. Since you have the stool that Handy gave to you earlier, you decided to use it, only for Shifty to use it first and pour the punch into a nearby pipe. This forces you to find where the pipe ends. After a little walking, you discover that the pipe in the selling press room is where the punch went through, now conveniently put in a bucket. You pick the bucket up and leave the room. Back at the shop, you proceed to buy a lot of chocolate, enough to fill up the cardboard box. You then go all the way back to the theater room, to row B. There, you distract Nutty by having him drink the entire bucket of fruit punch, tricking him that the bucket contains liquidated gumballs. This causes Nutty to excuse himself to the bathroom, leaving Giggles free to take the box of chocolate. Giggles is pleased when you give her the box, but Russell overhears the conversation. Giggles then asks you to deliver a kissed piece of chocolate to Mole as a "thank you" gift. After that, Nutty comes back to his seat. You then deliver Giggles's chocolate to Mole, who immediately identifies the "kiss" on the chocolate as Giggles's. After this little quest, Mole rewards you with a valuable red key.

When you go further forward, you notice Russell, who seems to be a bit angry. He was furious because of you delivering the box of chocolate and even thinks that you're falling in love with her, thus thinking that she's cheating on him. Obviously, you object by saying that the chocolate was from Mole. It still doesn't help as Russell doesn't like the idea of Mole being in love with Giggles in fear that he'll unintentionally kill her constantly. Giggles overhears this, but Russell insists on keeping Mole away from Giggles, who is revealed to be actually Russell's crush. So, he requests you to trick Mole by using a broom. However, instead of actually following along with Russell's plan, you decide to clean something up with the broom. The convenience shop happens to have a little mess in the form of spilled oil from your attempt on fixing the elevator. Underneath the oil spill, you uncover a gray tile, which contains a tile puzzle that you have to solve before revealing whatever's underneath that tile. Once you completed the puzzle, the tile is removed, revealing a teleporter device. You then remember yet another one of the writings from the "insight" board, which involves freezing items using a teleporter. So you decided to try it out on Cro-Marmot by freezing a basket of money and giving it to him. Your "reward" for doing this is Cro-Marmot "putting" down a glass of wine that was kept on top of the lockers, normally out of reach. When you go revisit row B, Russell notices the glass of wine you're holding, so he proceeds to infer that when he wasn't looking, the Mole offered the broom the glass of wine and then you picked up the broom and the wine to make Mole think that Giggles accepted it. This makes Russell confident that the Mole won't really get Giggles. Russell wants you to offer Giggles the wine to show how much he loves her, as he's too tired to walk on his peglegs. You then try to offer Giggles the wine, but she refuses as she's too young to drink something like that. When you report back to Russell, you ask if there's another drink that you can get in the theater. Russell recalls that Mime brought some delicious drinks. Keeping that in mind, you go to the back rows, row D, specifically. There, you wake up the sleeping Mime. Unfortunately, he doesn't bring any drinks, but he does bring some Kool-Aid packets. Now, all you need is some water to mix the Kool-Aid with. You go back to the convenience shop to buy a bottle of water, though you end up using up the last amounts of your held money. Back at row B, you try to distract Nutty once again by having him drink the glass of wine, emptying the glass and causing him to feel sick. You then fill the glass with water and Kool-Aid and then mix it together using Lammy's spoon. After that, you give the glass of cherry Kool-Aid to Giggles. However, she gets angry when she hears that the drink was part of Russell's request, as she thinks that Russell is too lazy to walk to her seat on his own. You repeat Russell's excuse (expressing love in a "separated way"), causing Giggles to understand the situation and request you to deliver a card to him. Once Russell receives the card, he feels thankful and rewards you with a valuable purple key.

With all seven keys in hand, the only thing to do in the theater is to unlock the access to Starry World. The passage to said location is located just to the right of the theater room's exit. Entering the entrance leads you to the dead end in the form of a solid wall with seven outlines of tree friends' heads, each with a keyhole. The keys apparently correspond to the characters represented by the outlines, so you use the colored valuable keys on the matching characters' keyholes. After doing so, the wall is lifted up, allowing you access to the world of dreams, Starry World.


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Medal Guide

There are 8 medals on the NG version of the game. Here is how to get them:

  • Day Off: When Nutty gets sick from the wine, the message "Let's hope a doctor comes soon" is given upon clicking him. Since Sniffles was seen as a doctor in some official episodes, one would expect him to be able to help. The medal is obtained by speaking with Sniffles at this point. He says he unfortunately lost his PhD and can't help. After this conversation, Nutty will have his consciousness lost and his face will be dark green.
  • Gift Fiasco: This medal is obtained by giving Giggles the box of chocolates when Nutty is right next to her. Nutty hereby steals the box and eats up the chocolates, putting Giggles into tears. You will need to pick up the box from the floor and buy more chocolates from the convenient shop, and make sure you cause Nutty to run to the bathroom before giving them to her again.
  • How Kind I Guess?: The wallet you obtain from Mime's back is the one he obtained at the end of the episode Mime to Five, and this wallet was originally Lumpy's. The medal is obtained by attempting to give Lumpy the wallet, and getting the stupid response that he doesn't think it's worth much.
  • Starry Wonder: This medal is obtained by beating the game. It unlocks after you step forward three times into Starry World.
  • Curses: In the selling press is a Cursed Idol that you could pick up. However, if you try to take the elevator with the Cursed Idol in your inventory, its doors will close on you and chop you in half. If you try to go right of the elevator with the Cursed Idol, the ground will break open and you'll fall into lava. Either of those will give you the medal. You will need to undo the move and return the Cursed Idol to the container in the selling press.
  • Sweet Ride: The ice cream obtained by unlocking the freezer looks similar to the one in Sweet Ride which Cuddles was lapping and Nutty tried to steal. The medal is thus obtained by giving either Cuddles or Nutty the ice cream. However, it doesn't work if you give Nutty the ice cream when he's sick.
  • War: In the episode On My Mind, Flippy flips out due to opening a bottle closed with cork and hearing a gunshot. Hence to obtain this medal, you are supposed to give Flippy the soda bottle directly, without pouring it into the cup. He will open the cork, be reminded of a gunshot, flip out and kill you. You will need to undo this move, which puts the bottle back into your inventory.
  • A Dream Come True: This medal is noticeably the hardest of them all, but since Starry Wonder is a prerequisite for this one, that medal has the most points, while this one has the second most. In the delivery area at the back of the theater are three tagged objects, a unicycle, a gardening hoe, and a chair. The door connecting the two halves is locked and can only be unlocked from the left side, so you need to use the elevator in order to see the tagged objects. Truffles explains that you can use this area for free, putting any tagged object on the delivery spot and setting the switches to any of the 20 seats in the theater, then when the theater is illuminated, the object will be mechanically delivered to the seat. The row labels and column numbers are visible in the theater. In Mime to Five it is seen that Mime really wants a unicycle. So to unlock this medal, you are supposed to deliver the unicycle to Mime's seat, which is seat D4. Since you cannot take tagged objects out of the delivery area, you must unlock the connecting door to do this. Put the unicycle on the delivery spot, and set the switches to D4. Then when you beat the game, a special newspaper article will be unlocked, along with this medal.

A possible hint for the last medal lies in the word "dream" because Mime is the only one sleeping in the game, so if anyone has a dream to begin with, it must be him.

List of official HTF material used in the game


  • When you speak to Lammy at the beginning of the game, if you look closely at her eyes they have tears. (The HTF wiki says that Lammy is the only female character who has not cried yet.)
  • There are numerous references to official HTF media in the game.
  • This game was dedicated to Adam Carter, for loving non-violent HTF, and Mime sleeping.
  • Mime's words are in quotes and his face is not visible on the black bar. This is because he does not speak; rather, he uses mime gestures to tell you everything.
  • In the title screen, Cuddles has his mouth open and Giggles and Toothy have their mouths closed, just like in the beginning of Spin Fun Knowin' Ya.
  • When you speak to Toothy after completing the orange key quest, he says he once had a sleepless night. This references his tired yawn as an idle animation in his Smoochie. (Or it could relate him being in the same row as the sleeping Mime.)
  • The cardboard box was originally going to be the empty bag Mime ate peanuts out of here. In this case, since Sniffles is reading the same book he was holding there, the two would technically be in that similar situation with the sleep transferred. The box idea took over, because it was larger than the basket and made the reason you couldn't collect chocolates in the basket make sense.
  • A possible continuity error is that Nutty is shaky in his seat but he isn't in general.

Possible faults

  • Saving isn't enabled currently.
  • Flippy flips out if he opens the cork bottle, but not if you open it (to pour the soda into the cup) right around him.
  • If you play the game anywhere other than deviantART, the NG medal popups are there, which is obviously strange.
  • The game calls Mime a reindeer when he's actually a deer. (Then again, the newspaper and graffiti on the floor could have intended to be dramatic.)
  • The Insight Board says Giggles is a chipmunk with no tail, yet Kenn Navarro confirmed that she has a very tiny tail.
  • When Nutty says "I need the bathroom so badly!" his profile in the black bar does not match his face, the round pupil is in a different position.
  • When Nutty returns from the bathroom, his lazy eye switches places.
  • There are two faults exclusively in the walkthrough, as the walkthrough was made before they were fixed:
    • When Nutty says "I need the bathroom so badly!" his body is completely still.
    • When Russell speaks upon seeing the wine and there is a comparison between reality and the Mole's point of view, the sizes of the labels are wrong the first two times and right the third time.
    • Another mistake in the walkthrough is the logo of Hex, which SOTC miserably forgot to remove before recording.
    • There are annotations in the video concerning all those.
  • When Cuddles is sad, shouldn't his ears be down?

Bombshell53's review

"Game is fine visually, but fairly convoluted in terms of feel. I would take a look at more established point-and-click games and compare how items correlate to make it feel a bit more natural -- half of the things in this game very much feel random. There no real underlying theme or cohesive plot, so it just feels like I'm getting these trivial things for characters I don't REALLY have any reason to invest my time in. Who is my character, why am I here, what significance do my actions have other than the fact that, cool, this bunny has headphones now?

It stands to testament that you really could replace the HTF characters with anything else and nothing would change about the game. Which, in my opinion, you should because this game really doesn't have anything to do with the ultra-gory, sadistic, post-ironic world of Happy Tree Friends. Like, at all. A HTF anything without gore is sort of tantamount to having a Dexter's Lab game without Science, for example.

All in all, this game is a solid effort. But it's amateurish, to be frankly honest -- I have no doubt you will improve with any future games you produce, work on your theming and focus!" - Bombshell53

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