Campbell is a fan character.


Campbell is a brown mouse-deer who Daphne's and Salvia's mother. She is discipline and friendly, but also strict and somewhat perfectionist. She doesn't like things are not in order and their place, her daughter gets F- or C grades and her son involves in trouble. She is a little bit neat freak but not suffering from OCD.

She rarely interacts to people nor Daphne's friends because her home is far from the town. Campbell seems aware of danger in town and prefers to stay at home, but that doesn't mean she is survived. Like Emmy, she can get killed by her activities; cleaning and gardening. Since she likes gardening, some of her plants are mutated while other don't.

Her deaths involves her plants, being crushed, and kitchen hardware such as sink.


Campbell has loose curly blonde hair that tied into ponytail, green eyes, and mouse-deer legs. She wears a pair of glasses and a dark blue coat with white collared blouse under it. Unlike her children, she doesn't had any freckles. Like Daphne, Campbell still has hands like a typical tree friend, however she doesn't have boot-shaped feet as she has hooves instead.



  • TBD




  1. Deer Babysitting - Crushed by building.
  2. No Living Clothes - Squeezed to death.
  3. Relic the Moment - Crushed by Bronzey.



  • She and her children has last name, Srisati.
  • It's unknown whether she buys the plants from Emmy or someone else.