During a backyard baseball game, Mickey Mouse hops a fence to retreive a ball overthrown by Eeyore. When he lands on the other side of the fence, however, he finds himself in an empty coffin sitting in a grave. He tries to lift the lid off the coffin a few times, but his attempts are thwarted by Goofy who shovels dirt into the grave, weighing down the lid of the coffin. Because Goofy is listening to music on a pair of headphones, he can't hear Mickey's screams. Inside the coffin, the panicking mouse scratches the lid in a vain attempt to free himself. He lights a match, revealing that he's worn away the nails and skin of his fingers and left scratches and blood traces all over the lid of the coffin. The match ends up setting the coffin ablaze and Mickey screams in terror. Goofy, meanwhile, smells the smoke coming from the ground and imagines a steak.

Mickey's ears and head have been burned, but luckily for him, water starts pouring into the coffin via a hose Goofy is using. Unfortunately the coffin begins flooding. Goofy ties a knot in the hose, but not before the coffin is completely flooded. Goofy then tries to drive away in his truck, but he accidentally puts it in reverse and drives onto the grave he just buried Mickey in. Frustrated, he puts the car in drive and steps on the gas, causing the wheel to spin and his truck to sink deeper into the mud. As a result of this, Lisa Simpson and Maggie Simpson, who are mourning at a grave nearby, get splattered with mud. To make matters worse, the headstone behind Goofy's truck flies out and crushes Maggie.

Mickey is just about to drown when Goofy's tire destroys the lid of the coffin. This removes the water, but now the tire spins against Mickey's face, scraping his skin off while he screams in agony. In Scratchy's home, underground, the coffin falls down and knocks Scratchy's refrigerator further underground. Scratchy walks up to the coffin, thinking it to be his refrigerator, and opens the lid up. He reaches in, pulls out one of Mickey's eyes, and polishes it on his fur before walking away.

Mickey falls out of the coffin and crawls on the floor, deformed and groaning in pain and exhaustion. Before he can make it far, however, Goofy's truck falls through the ground and crushes Mickey. Meanwhile, Scratchy watches TV, sitting behind a coffee table where there sits an apple eaten down to the core and Mickey's eye eaten in the same way.

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