Cap is a HTFF Character.

Character Bio

Cap is a brown capybara with a rectangular head. Cap is constantly trying to fit in with the rest of the town, the main reason being his odd-looking head. He has trouble wearing most hats (even his signature cap is known to slide off his head) and can become a target of ridicule.

Another reason is that he has a bland personality. He usually looks for jobs to set an identity for himself. Unfortunately, he tends to screw up due to his slight incompetence and low self-esteem. Since his eyes are at opposite sides of his head, he may not see when something is in front of his face.






  1. Rotten Potatoes - Killed by mutated potato.
  2. Thief Next Door - Shot by Quartz's quills.
  3. Pads Out of Water - Melted to death.
  4. Spark Something Off - Burned (debatable)
  5. Glowing By Myself - Ran over.
  6. Sand Over Some Place - Shredded to pieces.
  7. You Can Thank Me Paper - Head is cut in half by a pickit sign.
  8. Behind the Stage - Dies from the blood lose and broken bones.
  9. The Hospice Project - Ran over by a wheelchair.
  10. Hop Sweet Home - Sliced to pieces by wires.
  11. Nothing New Under the Boat - Crashed into the tree.
  12. Tramped Cards - Face sliced off by a card.


  1. Snow Where You're Going - Both of his eyes shot by water and lemon water.
  2. Face Closed - Stung in the eye by Buzzles, hit by Handy's truck, gets plastic surgery, punched by Disco Bear, and is sent straight into a trash can.
  3. Tramped Cards - Both of his feet being sliced off.


  • Goof - 1 ("Caps Locks")
  • Crabby - 1 ("Caps Locks" along with Savaughn)
  • Spot - 1 ("Snow Where You're Going")
  • Emmy - 1 ("Rotten Potatoes" along with Frilly)
  • Quartz - 1 ("Thief Next Door")
  • Phyre - 1 ("Spark Something Off" along with Emojie and Patriot)
  • Dolly - 1 ("Doggie Kibble")
  • Tuna - 1 ("Hop Sweet Home")


  • He is one of LOD's display characters who was given a page and permission for use.
  • He speaks with a low-pitched voice, a little bit similar to Soos from Gravity Falls but higher-pitched.


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