Chain-swing Island is a game created by Whatzy, her first fan made game and her second accomplishment after the school year is over!

Brief Description

Jamith never catches a break! He starts off looking for some fish.......but he ends up in a big world FULL of traps, and swinging chains, that would lead him to get out and discover some amazing surprises! Let's go help him!

Before the game starts.....

Before the game starts, There is a short video about how the story happened.

Jamith is near the shore fishing all alone, and he is trying to catch something exciting. He did........because he caught a shark by the fin. The shark pulls the fishing rod out to sea and also drags Jamith into the water. The shark tries to eat Jamith, so he grabs onto his fishing rod for dear life. Jamith is thrown about for quite a long time underwater, until a round saw cuts the fishing rod and the shark in half. Jamith swims up to the surface to see his is beside an island with a big wooden house on it. Jamith goes inside and steps on a platform which takes him down to another level. There, Jamith sees the what's in front of him. He is shocked.


The inside of the house is the different levels of the game. There are two wooden platforms at both side of the screen that Jamith must jump on to pass a level, and dangling from the roof is lots of chains swinging back and forth. Since the platforms are too far apart to jump across, Jamith has to swing back and forth on the chains. However, there are a lot of hazards in the game, and Jamith must be careful not to crash into them.

Use the left and right arrow keys to move Jamith, use the up arrow key to make him jump. Jamith will cling onto the first chain that swings into his reach. Now, use the up and down arrow keys to make him climb up and down, use the left and right arrow keys to control the swing of the chain. Press space to let him get ready to jump again, and then continue.

(making a fake screenshot soon)


writing it soon!


Writing it!


Writing it up soon!

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