Chamber is a fanon character of Happy Tree Friends


Chamber is a philosopher journalist who really fond of deaths and willing to know what happened after dying, he really loves to heard theories about death and afterlife ever since he is young. Thanks to it, he has never afraid of deaths and will be very grateful, though he rarely get killed even attempting once which make him somber.

Other than being a journalist, Chamber is also a collector of skeletons, feral or non-feral, he just collecting them for decoration and study. He doesn't really mind when people give him cursed objects as long as he can died by the curse for sure. Usually others see him as creepy and angst, but that is actually just the book's cover, Chamber is an open-book and quite intelligent but extremely timorous and permissive. Strangely however, he tends to be very oddly calm and relaxed when seeing the characters killed and died even in pretty gruesome ways, worse the characters are actually his friends. Nevertheless, he is remaining farouche.

Chamber is born with many very special gifts, which are; aura reading, aura detection, sin detection, virtue detection, lie detection, soul reading, morality viewing, emotion detection, and essence reading. He also can levitated on thin air at times, sometimes for spooking others. Even with these all of special gifts he gets from birth, Chamber still needs to control his abilities, sometimes it can constantly activated by itself.


Dont Not for Profit

Only the creator and few mentioned users are allowed to use this character in episodes.
If you wish to use this character, please ask permission first in here or I will send my demonic army to slaughter your kneecaps and wholesome memes.

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Kill count

  • Souffle - 1 ("Dough For It" along with Muddy)


  • Although being put in HTFF wiki, the creator said that he is a minor character for her original content.
  • He is based on Dawn from Total Drama and Oka Ruto from Yandere Simulator.
  • He quite knows about cipher and rune symbols, as well able to decipher it. But it takes some time for him, depending on what the symbols are.
  • According to the creator, he loves anything that has death-related on it and heavily dislikes anything that containing happiness, sweet sugar and romantic. Unless if those are secretly saddening and gloomy.


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