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Charge is a HTF Fanon episode.

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Zap arrives at the bank, to cash in a check. He waits in a line behind Handy and Richie who is talking to bank clerk Giggles. Suddenly Mag arrives and declares he is robbing the bank. Mag then rushes over to Giggles and shoves Zap, who in an attempt to stay up, grabs onto Mag, accidentally shocking him.  Mag falls over dead and Zap stares in shock.

Suddenly Zap starts vibrating and several coins fly from Richie's pockets and stick to Zap. Zap is confused until Handy's tools start shaking and pull Handy towards Zap. Seeing this, Mag screams and runs from the bank with Handy and a large amount of coins flying after him. Soon Zap runs past Ironside, whose metal side becomes attracted to. Iron side screams as he starts to get pulled after Zap so he grabs onto a tree with his fleshy side only for his metal side to rip off. 

Zap keeps running, and looks back to see several cars are now behind him. Zap screams and runs faster, passing Nutty, Doppler and Ace. Doppler spots the flying objects and ducks but Nutty and Ace are hit and die. Doppler then stands up and lets out a sigh, only for Ironside's metal half to smash into him. Zap soon arrives at his house and locks himself inside thinking himself to be safe.

Zap sighs in relief and leans against his door only for several coins to slices through it and him. Zap screams and then Handy smashes through the door and collides with Zap followed by the rest of the objects that were following him.


  1. Mag is shocked to death.
  2. Ironside is ripped in half.
  3. Nutty and Ace are hit by cars.
  4. Doppler is hit by Ironside's metal half.
  5. Handy and Zap are hit by many objects.


  • This is the debut of Doppler.