After purchasing cheese from Icy, Robo Star rides away on his skateboard. Coming out of the woods on his scooter, Cheesy catches a glimpse of Robo Star's cheesy treat, and gives chase. Robo Star soon realizes he's not alone, and he panics as he sees Cheesy stalking him.

During the chase, the two come upon a log in the middle of the road with a plank acting as a ramp against it. Robo Star rides on the ramp, narrowly misses hitting a beehive, and lands perfectly. Cheesy's scooter rides up alongside Robo Star, but Cheesy isn't on it.

Robo Star looks back to see that Cheesy didn't quite clear the beehive. Cheesy's head is stuck in the hive, and he starts flailing and screaming as a loud buzzing sound is heard. Eventually Cheesy goes limp, and part of the beehive falls off to reveal that Cheesy has sting marks all over his face. Blood pours out of his mouth, and one of his eyes pops out of its socket, followed by a swarm of bees.

Robo Star breathes a sigh of relief and focuses once more on his cheese. He looks up, however, to see that he's about to hit a curb. He flies off his skateboard, and his body is sliced into three sections as he hits a small set of stairs. The top of his head continues to slide forwards as his teeth scrape against the pavement. Before the episode ends, the cheese Robo Star was eating falls and pierces Robo Star's eye.

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