Cheesy stands at the entrance of a convenience store, clapping his hands as he anticipates the cheese he's about to partake in. Unfortunately, he reaches into his pockets to find he has no money. As luck would have it, however, Wooly, the clerk, is preoccupied, having his tongue stuck in a hot dog rollers. Seeing his chance, Cheesy runs into the store and grabs armfuls of cheese.

As he runs through the store, he comes to a stop when he happens upon the cheese machine. In awe of its magnificence, Cheesy drops the cheese he's holding and hurries to the machine. He grabs a cup and fills it twice, downing both in a single gulp. Not satisfied, however, Cheesy throws the cup away and starts drinking straight from the nozzle of the cheese machine. His vision begins to blur as brain freeze kicks in, though he still seems content. As he attempts to remove his lips from the chese machine, he finds that his lips have become frozen to the nozzle.

He yanks his lips away from the machine, causing his lips to tear off. He screams in pain and stumbles backwards, unable to find his balance as he's gained a lot of weight from the abundance of cheese he's consumed. He stumbles into a sharp point used for holding bagged cheese. This causes him to "pop" and lose the lower half of his body, making him fly around the store, losing his organs as he goes. He finally slams face first into the automatic doors and slides to the ground. As he moans in pain, the doors slam shut on his head, crushing it to pieces.

Back inside the store, Wooly, with his tongue still stuck in the hot dog rollers, gets to work mopping up Cheesy's blood and the cheese he consumed that exited his body. Before the episode ends, Wooly slips and falls to the floor despite a nearby wet floor warning sign.

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