Blinkie is a fan character, created by the same creator of Miley and Riley.

Character Bio

Blinkie is a fuchsia super rabbit. The bells on their bows cast rays, shields, and sonic blasts. When exposed to Kryptonut, she sneezes violently and her sneezing are able to create earthquakes, even without it wanting. She works at the Daily Acorn disguised as Chloe Lane. She loves Splendid since she first saw him working at his office. She is Liftelle and Shiftette's best friend, because she helped them to win Lifty and Shifty's hearts. She is the girls' cupid and Splendont has a crush on her (but she doesn't love him).
Blinkie 2

Love Interest


  • She works at the Happy Tree Nursery, taking care of the baby tree friends (Cub and Cheesie).