Choppy is a HTFF character.

Character Bio

Choppy is a purple red panda who is a red belt in karate, wearing the belt around his waist. He uses his skills for honorable deeds like defending others, standing up to foes or simply getting things done.

Unbeknownst to him, he has the spirit of a dragon living inside him, trapped as a result of an ancient curse. Every now and then, Choppy tends to burp out fire, which he and everyone around him assumes is just really bad gas; it is actually the limited activity of the dragon attempting to escape. There are times, however, when the dragon is able to seize more control over Choppy's body, like when something gets him mad. When under the dragon's control, Choppy's eyes will glow yellow, his fire breath is maximized and he is even able to fly or hover. Once his rage dies down, he will return to his normal phase, shocked over what occurred.

Although he is unable to see the dragon most of the time, one exception is when he is asleep, having glimpses of the dragon in his mind. The dragon can also "speak" to Choppy, subconsciously tempting him to unleash his inner rage so as to take over his body.


Starring Roles

  1. Icy Wolf, Hidden Dragon

Prototype roles

  1. Shattered Tears
  2. Fight at the Museum
  3. Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death
  4. The Best Party
  5. Doll Days
  6. Thriller Night
  7. Trick or Defeat
  8. April Showers
  9. Inn of Imagination

Kill count

  • Britton - 1 ("Shattered Tears")
  • Trippy - 3 ("Shattered Tears", "Fight at the Museum", "Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death")
  • Superspeed - 1 ("Fight at the Museum")
  • Pia - 1 ("Fight at the Museum")
  • Torn - 1 ("Fight at the Museum")
  • Lumpy - 1 ("Fight at the Museum" debatable)
  • Ava - 1 ("Fight at the Museum" debatable)
  • Rip - 1 ("Fight at the Museum" debatable)
  • The Mole - 1 ("Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death")
  • Russell - 1 ("Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death" along with sharks)
  • Howdy - 1 ("Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death" along with Mr. Pickles)
  • Disco Bear - 1 ("The Best Party")
  • Others - 1 (a shark in "Fire Breath & Pickle o' Death")
  • Lammy - 2 ("Doll Days", "Inn of Imagination")
  • Mr. Pickles - 1 ("Doll Days")
  • Balloony - 1 ("Inn of Imagination")
  • Catty - 1 ("Inn of Imagiantion")
  • Quist - 1 ("Inn of Imagination")
  • Pike - 1 ("Inn of Imagiantion")
  • Plump - 1 ("Inn of Imagination")
  • Box - 1 ("Inn of Imagination")



  1. Fight at the Museum - May have been killed by some mummies (debatable and offscreen).
  2. The Best Party -Suffocates from water.
  3. Thriller Night - Impaled by Quill's quills.
  4. Inn of Imagintion - Killed by the dragon.


  1. Shattered Tears - Cut by glass offscreen.
  2. Fight at the Museum - Wounded by the museum's destruction and attacked by mummies.
  3. Doll Days - Struck in the chest with an axe head.


  • Choppy was orginally named Chopstix and had a Lammy & Mr. Pickels-type character relationship with the dragon. Later on, he was drastically changed and the dragon became a part of his subconscious.
  • Choppy usually avoids spicy foods, considering what he believes to be fiery indigestion.


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