Freckles is playing tetris on a gameboy and having fun. Suddenly Ludwig Van Beethoven comes in and, annoyed that Freckles isn't doing her chores, gives a rake to Freckles and sends her outside. Ludwig then sees the game and sits down, proceeding to play it. Through a window, we see Freckles outside raking up the leaves when a dog comes over to her. She pets the dog, who seems friendly enough, when, suddenly, the dog viciously attacks Freckles. Freckles screams for help, but Ludwig is too focused on the game to hear Freckles' cries for help. The dog rips Freckles to pieces, causing her guts and limbs to hit the window and slide down likeTetris pieces. All the while Ludwig continues playing the game. The dog then comes into the living room with one of Freckles' limbs in its mouth. Ludwig pets the dog, but before the episode ends the dog growls and prepares to attack Ludwig.


  • Freckles
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Dog
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