Clammy and Jammie are two characters. Despite being a duo, they hate each other.

This otter craves a seafood treat


Clammy is a gray clam who, despite being anthropomorphic, has no eyes or buckteeth. He likes eating and is often seen doing that on his spare time. He speaks in bubbles and is hard to understand because of this. Jammie often tries eating him, but her plans are usually foiled by him and he kills her in a torturous manner. He is friends with Mussel, as both are bivalves. When he carries things, they just float next to him.

Jammie is a brown otter who wears a pink flower on her head, though it often switches places on her head as an error. Jammie likes diving for pearls and other underwater treasures. Jammie likes eating bivalves such as mussels and oysters, though clams are her favorite. As a result, Jammie often tries eating Clammy. However, her plans are usually foiled by him and she is killed in a torturous manner by him. She usually does backstrokes when swimming.







  1. Release the Savage - Jammie is pulled back through the sewer drain, Clammy shattered by an ice cream cone.
  2. Hold Your Wire - Jammie's organs pulled out.
  3. Ripped to Pieces - Janmie's torso smashed by a wheelchair.
  4. Seal of Love - Clammy electrocuted.
  5. A Spell to Eat - Jammie is mauled by piranhas.
  6. Snapped My Fingers - Jammie is ran over by a police car.
  7. Cook at Yourself - Jammie's face is melted on the grill.
  8. Ringing Off the Cook - Jammie is sliced to pieces by plates.
  9. Nothing New Under the Boat - Jammie is split in half.
  10. Wood If I Could - Jammie's head cracked and later decapitated.
  11. Throwing Toxic - Jammie's head on the back is impaled by toxic sharp items.

Kill count

  • Otto - 1 ("Seal of Love" along with Maya)
  • Zet - 1 ("Snapped My Fingers")
  • Dr. Pet - 1 ("Snapped My Fingers")
  • Jammie (by Clammy) - 1 ("Cook at Yourself")


  • Clammy's species was debated for a long time. Fans thought he was an oyster at times, while others though he was a clam.
    • It was finally revealed by the creator that he is a clam.
  • Jammie was formerly named The Otter, this was changed since YSK thought it was too generic.


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