Mario hears a lot of screaming and crying. He quickly flies over to see everyone's injuries: Blue Jay with a star in his head, Chuck impaled in the eye with his own cane, Matilda skinned, Gumball with a bite out of him, Stella with her face off, Donald Duck without feet and hands, people on fire, a whole building on fire, some of Luigi's head burned off, Dave burned a little, Phineas without his face too, a Generic Tree Friend getting stabbed by Itchy, and King Sire without his torso.

Mario takes the star out of Blue Jay's head and puts a cast around his hole. He then goes to Chuck and takes the cane and puts the stuff inside the hole in his eye, puts it back, and puts band-aids over the cuts. After that, he gives Matilda a new fur coat, Gumball a cast around the hole in his torso, Stella's face back on and band-aids around the cuts, Donald Duck a wheelchair, puts Luigi a new, fresh afro on him to cover his injuries, and Phineas's face back on and also band-aids around the cuts. Mario also splashes cold water on Itchy to flip him back and puts the torso back on King Sire with a cast around the cuts. He also offers to help Donald Duck with stuff that requires hands and push his wheelchair.

Mario then also stops the fire on the building and gets rid of the fires on the Generic Tree Friends, who are sadly already dead.

Later that day, Mario and Donald Duck are now living together. Mario helps out Donald with everything that required hands.

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