Cloud Hopper is a HTFF game.


Hops rides her plane through the sky until she accidentally collides with a seagull. The bird gets shredded by the propellor, leading the entire plane to explode and Hops to fall. Luckily, she is saved by landing in water. She swims to the shore of a deserted island, where she then climbs the top of a palm tree and jumps upward to begin her escape.


Hops jumps on clouds and birds in order to progress through the game. The higher she goes is recorded as the top score. Points can by earned by hopping onto birds. However, grey clouds must be avoided, as jumping on them will result in Hops getting shocked as well as a loss of ten points.

Ace may appear on his plane every so often as an obstacle that blocks Hops' path. Hops could die either by coming into contact with helicopter blades or by falling. In this scenario, Hops would end up splattering on the island with the message "Sky's the Limit! Try Again?", giving the player the option of retrying the game.


  • The gameplay is similar to the HTF game Sugar High.
  • The background during gameplay is designed like the cockpit of a plane.
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