Cluedo - Happy Tree Friends Edition, is an murder mystery game that it can only play of only four to eight players, created by Cpend7 and it was based on the board game Cluedo by Anthony E. Pratt where it was make the version of Happy Tree Friends series.

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In the year of 201X, all the people in Happy Tree Town that their were going to the meeting of Lumpy where owner of the town is the name of Percy the ferret who give all eight who entered is an gift a weapons until that someone is killed Percy that everyone is have to find the clues of who did the murderous all around in the town.



  1. Giggles as Miss Scarlett.
  2. Sniffles as Professor Plum.
  3. Petunia as Mrs. Peacock.
  4. Flippy as Colonel Mustard.
  5. Flaky as Mrs. White.
  6. Nutty as Reverend Green.
  7. Lumpy as Wadsworth. (known as Butler in US and UK)
  8. Toothy as Doc Purple.


  • Candlestick.
  • Dagger. (known as knife in EU)
  • Lead pipe.
  • Revolver.
  • Rope.
  • Monkey wrench. (known as wrench in US)
  • Bottle of poison.
  • Mini axe.


  • Flippy's Study +
  • Sniffles Laboratory
  • Hallway
  • Giggles Lounge =
  • Playground
  • Nutty's Candy Store
  • Petunia's Kitchen +
  • Road-path
  • Library
  • Lumpy's Conservatory =
  • Toothy Dentist
  • Shopping Mall

= and +: denotes secret passages to opposite corner.

Difference from Cluedo

  • The original version that it can use to play of six, which in this version that it will play of eight.
  • Like of the eight suspects with two new weapons.
  • There are twelve rooms which in the original version is have nine.


  • TBA.
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