Coast to Coaster is a HTFF Break.


Aw man. That looks dangerous...I mean fun.




Nimbus, Ellie, Flynn and Tash stand in line for a roller coaster. Ellie and Numbus take their seats, but Tash is too big to fit in the coaster and Flynn is too short. The ride operator, Lumpy, turns them away, much to their dismay.

Lumpy starts the ride, not realizing a section of the tracks was missing. Handy is shown repairing the gap, when the coaster flattens him. The coaster flies off the rails and sends the riders falling to their doom. Nimbus flaps his wings to safety, but gets impaled by Ellie's horns.

The now empty coaster lands next to Tash and Flynn. The duo finally enjoy it by riding it down a hill, only to fall off a ledge. A loud "crash" is heard once the episode fades black.


  1. Handy is ran over by the coaster.
  2. Sniffles, Toothy, Lammy, and Ellie fall to their deaths (deaths not seen).
  3. Nimbus is impaled by Ellie's horns.
  4. Tash and Flynn die by riding the coaster off a cliff.


  • Unless counting Mr. Pickles (who is inanimate through the episode), Lumpy is the only survivor.
  • Just like in another HTF Break short, a character is denied access to a roller coaster due to being too short.
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