Couplings go here: (Lovers, or friendships too). Love is in the air. Can't you just smell it?

Note: No crossover/real-life characters here.

Canon couplings

For characters from the actual show.

Fanon couples

Exclusively for fan-made characters.

Fanon-Canon couples

Fan-made characters paired with canon ones.

Without images

  • First x Lyra
  • Webb x Sekai
  • Rex x Ballerina
  • Britton x Bella
  • Britton x Sekai
  • Webb x Bella
  • Jerky x Gothy
  • Bloomer x Timmy
  • 6 x Lindsay
  • Immature x Immaturette
  • Mature x Maturette
  • Patriot x Split
  • Biohazard x Bannah
  • Teen Cub x General Ginger Kitty
  • General Ginger Kitty x Switchy
  • Flippy x Switchy
  • Andersen x Susannah
  • Cooks x Fiona
  • Hoofcloud x Cupcake the Unicorn

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