Crawl Under is a HTFF Break.

Flaps is crawling. What could go wrong?

Starring roles


At Daphne's home, Daphne tells Flaps to keep his eyes on Salvia while she go outside for a while. Flaps salutes as he accepts Daphne's help, much of her excitement as she would trust Flaps' job.

After Daphne went outside, Salvia is dropped his ball under the bed and can't reach it. Flaps anyway helps him out by crawling under the bed to get the ball. Flaps then think that he is in enemy territory and also mistaking the ball as a grenade. Shocked, Flaps bumps his head into the bed, causing Salvia to falls from it and cries. Flaps also mistaking his cries for a battle cry, causing him to breaks out the bed and throws a "grenade" . The ball hit Salvia's eye and tripped into the shelf, which later crushing him as the shelf falls.

Daphne then back into the room and ultimately shocked what she sees. Flaps salutes as he thinks he succeed to keep enemy away from Salvia.


  • Salvia is crushed a shelf.


  • This Break originally named as "Stay Low" but changed for some reasons.
  • This is the second time Daphne asks someone to take care of Slavia while she's away. The first Deer Babysitting.