Gender: Male
Interest(s): Jazz Music, Playing the Saxophone
Species: Platypus
Color: Purple
Relatives: Shelly ("Wife")

Arietta & Melody (Daughters)

Age: 22-26
Size: Medium
Friends/Allies: Petunia
Enemies/Rivals: Disco Bear
Ale (sometimes)
Lifty & Shifty
Josh (sometimes)
Love Interest(s): Petunia (formerly)
Kill Count: 0 (normal)

60+ (evil)

Deaths: 1 Crazy's Jazz Smoochie
First Appearance: Flippy and his Twenty
First Victim: Lifty & Shifty Crazy's Jazz Smoochie
First Death: Flippy and his Twenty
Crazy is a fan character of Happy Tree Friends.

Character Bio

Crazy is a purple platypus. When he's calm, he enjoys listening to jazz music and playing his saxophone. Crazy is a partialy insane character (hence his name), in which whenever he sees or hears anything that irritates him, he starts to hyperventilate, turns evil, and goes on a killing spree.


Crazy's best friend is Flippy due to them having the same kind of violent outbursts. Even though he and Flippy are friends, their evil sides have fought on several occasions.

Crazy is Shelly's love interest and he gives her flowers whenever he sees her and she loves him because she likes his music despite them being a different species, Crazy being a platypus and Shelly being a turtle.


  • He sometimes uses his saxophone as a flame thrower or a blunt instrument (no pun intended).
  • In his flipped-out mode, he can secrete venom like a real platypus although sometimes his venom can come out of his teeth like a snake and he usually spits his venom like a spitting cobra.
  • His crazy and violent side is very similar to Flippy.
  • He and Shelly have a jazz band at the local jazz lounge.
  • One of the rejected characters from the canon series was an unnamed platypus in a straitjacket (similar to Crazy).
  • He will compete against Josh and Drama in a Season 27 episode called "Battle of the Arts".
  • Like Josh, he once had a relationship with Petunia until finding another girl.


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