As Stretchy walks through the forest, thinking about math equations, she comes upon an ant-hill. Hungry for a snack, Stretchy walks over and sticks her tongue inside the ant-hill. Her tongue travels down a winding path to where a family of ants is having dinner. Stretchy's tongue breaks down their door, and the ants scream in fear.

Stretchy is at first happy, but she soon starts screaming in pain as the ants nail down her tongue with a stake and hammer. Stretchy tries to pull her tongue out, to no avail. The ants begin slicing her tongue with a cheese grater and pouring lemon juice on her wounds. Stretchy begins pulling her ears in agony as the ants start slicing her tongue with an electric knife.

As Stretchy continues to struggle to pull her tongue from the ant-hill, one of the ants comes running up her tongue with a can of gasoline. Having poured a trail of gas from the base of Stretchy's tongue, the ant throws the gas can down Stretchy's throat. The mother ant lights the gasoline, causing a fire to spread all the way up Stretchy's tongue to her body. When the flame reaches her, Stretchy's body explodes and one of the ants begins cheering in triumph.

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