Cream is Not to be confused with Creamy, as Queen is not to be confused with Queenie or Kween

Cream and Queen
Cream and queen HTF style
Robotic Bunny and Fashionistic Cat Siblings
Name Cream and Queen
Gender Cream: Male

Queen: Female

Species Cream: Rabbit

Queen: Cat

Color Cream: Green

Queen: Pink

Relatives No known relatives.
Age Cream: 16-21

Queen: 9-12

Size Regular tree friend
Enemies/Rivals Both: David

Cream: Briezia, Flippy, Blake (Blake is a Rival)

Queen: Crafty

Love Interests Cream: Laurie

Queen: Shrimpy

First Appearance The Swing Thing
First Victim Tempty
First Death Cream: Good Mourning

Queen: The Swing Thing

Cream and Queen are a duo of fanon HTF characters, who are self inserts of MMB and his sister.

Character Biographies

Cream is the brother of Queen, who is a happy green rabbit with a red shirt and blue shorts, as well as a mechanical screen. He also has these other mechanical parts: Ear, nose, tooth, hand, left leg, right foot, and apparently also part of his torso if his shirt is off. They are waterproof, so he is able to swim. He also is very brainy but lazy. He is slightly fatter than normal characters. He is also known to hack electronic devices and attach them to his body... somewhere... and get even more powerful!

Queen is the sister of Cream, who is a pink cat with a bluish green V-Neck, black skirt with blue line, and pink hair with tealish highlights, who is very fashionistic and likes glitter. She often fights with her brother, but in a sibling like way. She rivals with fashionistic characters.

Cream's Episode Roles


  1. The Swing Thing
  2. Yeah Babies!
  3. Eyes on the Tries
  4. Switch Glitch
  5. Creamed Corn
  6. Cream's School Smoochie
  7. Elevated Hopes
  8. Dog Todays
  9. Cream's Cream
  10. Sibling Fans
  11. Ice Cream, You Queen
  12. Scream and Queen
  13. I Dream of Queenie with the Light Pink Hair


  1. None You Can Eat
  2. Good Mourning
  3. Baby Love
  4. Robo Splendo 2000
  5. Fishy Fumbles
  6. Cirque de Fail
  7. Super-Stition
  8. Babysitting Woes
  9. Film Me The Details
  10. Soil and Trouble
  11. I Need Power
  12. 5 Year Millienium of Fanon!
  13. Ghosts of the Past
  14. Eyeful of Trouble Part 1
  15. Insect-tral Roots
  16. Bugged at the Museum

Queen's Episode Roles


  1. The Swing Thing
  2. Good Mourning
  3. Soil and Trouble
  4. Queen's ROBLOX Smoochie
  5. Elevated Hopes
  6. Better off Bed
  7. Sibling Fans
  8. Ice Cream, You Queen
  9. Scream and Queen
  10. I Dream of Queenie with the Light Pink Hair
  11. The Cat's Me-Ouch
  12. Eyeful of Trouble Part 1


  1. None You Can Eat
  2. Yeah Babies!
  3. Eyes on the Tries
  4. Baby Love
  5. Robo Splendo 2000
  6. Fishy Fumbles
  7. Cirque de Fail
  8. Super-Stition
  9. Down The Hatch
  10. Film Me The Details
  11. I Need Power
  12. 5 Year Millienium of Fanon!
  13. Bread of Lead
  14. Ghosts of the Past
  15. The Cat's Me-Ouch
  16. Insect-tral Roots

Cream's Fates


Queen's Fates


  • Smoochie 3 - Poisoned by a venomshank

Cream's Kills

  • Queen - 1 ("Eyes on the Tries" along with Mole)
  • Tempty - 1 ("Love is Blind" along with Queen)

Queen's Kills

  • Tempty - 1 ("Love is Blind" along with Cream)


  • Cream is based off MMB The Coolest, while Queen is based off Pranksterina on ROBLOX.
  • Cream and Queen are both the same age in Tree Friend form. In real life, there's an age gap.
  • Often, Queen's goofs are missing hair. Sometimes it happens in between shots.
  • Cream's species being a bunny may reference MMB's Chinese animal. MMB was born in 1999, so his animal is a rabbit.
  • Cream is a Season 52 introduction, while Queen is a Season 53 introduction
  • As revealed in Creamed Corn, Cream flips out on occasions, which means he isn't a Flippy-Sue.
  • Cream has OCD, but not for cleaning. Cream is into toys and video games though he still keeps himself clean.
  • In an irregular episode on Bullying, Cream was portrayed as a bully.
  • Cream was the first of the duo that will be having a blood fest.
  • Cream has ADHD and Autism
  • Cream feels despair when Queen dies, and vice versa, similar to Pop feeling despair when Cub dies.
  • Cream has been on a TED show three times in the HTF world, all of them for having mechanical parts. The first time is his initial design, the second is his secondary design, and the third time is his third and final design.
  • Nobody knows what Cream looked like prior to his cameo in Season 52. Some people speculate that maybe he had a really bad injury to his eyes at a really young age. Others state that he was man made. The latter was confirmed false by his creator.
  • They were once going to be called "Billy and Jennifer", but Cream would be lost in the sea of Billies, so the names stuck. It also sounds cooler.
  • Cream's name and species are similar to Cream the Rabbit from Sonic, but design and personality are different. Also, while they both have a sidekick, Queen is nowhere the same as Cheese.

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