Crunchy is a character in Happy Insect Friends.

Character Bio

Crunchy is a brown leaf mantis who resembles a dead leaf. He commonly camouflages himself against trees or leaves until preying on unsuspecting insect characters. However, this makes him hard to spot and may lead to him being killed.

Being a master of disguise, Crunchy can make himself look like other things besides a leaf, usually by wearing costumes or attaching whatever he can find to his body. But he tends to make a lot of dumb decisions, so most of his disguise choices come at a terrible price.





  • TBA


  1. Master of Da Skies - Crushed by Cuddles.
  2. Mano e Mantis - Skewered onto rose thorns.
  3. Bugs of War - Crushed by Orbis' dirt ball.


  • Bugs of War - Hands cut off.

Kill Count


  • His name comes from the crunching sound that dried leaves make, and are also a reference to how he tends to eat other characters.
  • He was originally intended to be a regular praying mantis, and be Manty's grandfather.
  • He is one of the tallest Happy Insect Friends, rivaling Centie.
  • His claws resemble Lumpy's antlers.


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